Live Oak Florida hosted this multi day event the last days of March into April 1. Review and Photos by Joel Shover Photography

res·o·nate verb

  1. produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound. “The sound of the bass resonated across the lake”


  1. produce electrical or mechanical resonance. “The Spanish moss resonates at 16 MHz”

They say the best part of life is the journey, and through that journey there are many experiences that capture us. Resonate Festival is exactly that, a festival that will capture your heart, mind, body, and soul as it did to me with the music, the people, the beauty, and the vibe at The Spirit of Suwanee Music Park on March 30, 31st and April 1st 2023 in Live Oak, FL.

As I approached exit 283 to route 129 in Live Oak, Florida that sense of peace and tranquility soon took over right from the smiles and happy faces at the Busy Bee Travel Center as I grabbed a Dunkin coffee and some ice for the cooler. I continued my drive north on 129 the feeling got stronger and stronger as I could feel the history and see the music in the air around me. I entered the park to get my credentials and the friendly staff were ready for any and all crowds with their smiling faces and happy hearts.

There are four albums of fans by Joel Shover Photography. Check out #1 here.

Now it was time to set up camp and map out the days of music, sounds easy right? Throw in some Suwanee magic, beautiful beats, and an epic vibe of love that I will not be able to translate into words for you on my own, and it’s not that easy at all!

This is why I have enlisted the fans of Resonate to tell you in their words as well and you’ll see for yourself that we all in fact did Resonate with one another over music, love, loss, life, an ending, and a new beginning.

Can a person resonate with you?

Considering that it’s another term for sympathetic vibration, “resonate” is an excellent metaphor for being in agreement with someone.

“To me Resonate was a musical paradise that anyone can escape to and find friends (I call them family) welcoming them with open arms, hearts and minds. Still in its infancy this festival has all the vibes of Hulaween in its formative years. Lending to that vibe are the myriad of familiar live artists and staff that are park staples. From Rave Babies to Baby Boomers and Hipsters to Hippies there’s truly something for everyone.”  ~ Joel Munoz III aka The Bubble Brigade

Day one started at the Superf3st Stage with the funky house beats from SIDE TRAKD. This hot artist has been blazing up the southeast with his jams and brought sounds that had the kilts twirling from the flow of the first beats of the fest. Give a listen to his sounds teamed up with another superb act from the festival FUTURE JOY here.

The Amp Stage featured the band TAMAYO and they for sure brought a vibe with them that resonated all weekend. They had the crowd dancing with their trippy rhythm and rocking soul that had bubbles flying everywhere!  Check them out here.  and look at what they said about Resonate.

“Resonate Suwanee was our debut on the Spirit of the Suwanee Amphitheatre. Watching people slowly fill up the natural amphitheater as the bass pumped through the subwoofers, and our melodies filtered through the trees was an emotional and spiritual experience. It’s one of those places where people really want to listen to what you have to say and really want to dance to what you play. The staff was beyond friendly and helpful, and we felt very at home as we loaded in and out.  There’s something almost mystical about those trees and that river that lets emotions pass through your soul and transforms you from a musician playing on a stage to a conduit connected to another world. It’s like the Spirit of the Suwannee is playing you and not the other way around.” ~ TAMAYO BAND

There are four photo galleries of fans from Resonate by Joel Shover. Check out #2 here.

MICHAL MENERT while Polish born, but Rocky Mountain raised. Michal, a veteran in the Electronica game since the 90’s took us through a musical journey of meditation through loss and renewal.  Listen to Michal here. WEBSITE

And so it began…..LESPECIAL an Idie Prog Rock band from Connecticut featuring Luke Bemand bass, Jon Grusauskas guitar, and Rory Dolan drums brought their unique style of Max Creek meets Primus. Throw in some RUSH & ZAPPA and a little DJ Lethal and you’re kinda close to the sound that LESPECIAL brings. There are a few seats left on this train so get on while you can they are going to the top!  Go see them and you’ll see that LESPECIAL is The Shit!  As this one fan had a unique way to display it! LESPECIAL returns to the park for Hulaween this fall. WEBSITE

“Resonate Suwanee Music Festival was simply magical. The lineup was top tier. The venue is beautiful, and the camp sites were plentiful and well-maintained. The people there were the best part, though. Smiles and laughter were everywhere, and I’ve never felt so welcomed and at ease at a festival before. They talk about “The Spirit of Suwanee”, and it’s something that you can feel as soon as you arrive. It will forever be a special place for me, and I can’t wait to get back! The only thing I would do differently is to get there sooner so I could spend a little more time. See you next year!!” ~Jeremy Greenwood

LATE NIGHT RADIO brought the sun down out of the sky with the jazzy electro funk sounds that have contributed to their continued success. This hip hop set also gave us a first taste of the amazing light shows to come throughout the weekend at the Superf3st Stage. currently touring with MICHAL MENERT check dates here

“Honestly, I’ve been to a lot of places in my time on the road for music, but Suwannee now holds such a dear place in my heart forever and always, the people I’ve crossed paths with and had the pleasure to cook great food for while out at resonate, made the vibe even better. I must say I can’t wait to come back to Suwannee and hope Resonate continues to grow bigger as the years go by!” ~ Vince; one of the hard workers at Cosmic Charlies Grateful Grill

The clock struck 7 and just like that it was time for the first of four sets over 2 days of STS9. If you thought, you’d seen a light show think again. From Atlanta Georgia, STS9 or also known as SOUND TRIBE showed they are the pioneers in electric music light shows as they played their masterful instrumental funk rock to the joys of the Suwanee crowd. If this set was any indication of what was to come, we all were in for the weekend of our lives, as we didn’t already know it!

There are four photo galleries of fans from Resonate by Joel Shover. Check out #3 here.

FRAMEWORKS from the UK was next up and in between STS9 sets, no pressure, right?  FRAMEWORKS took the bass to a pulsating new level as the laser lights lit up the tall oak trees as the crowd danced gracefully to trippy vocals and poetic beats. Check them out at a US festival this summer.

STS9 2 second set was next and by now word was out and fans were making last minute decisions to come to the festival to try and secure a ticket. The Tribe took us all on a light filled trance that seemed like hours of pure bliss. There wasn’t a face in that crowd that didn’t have a smile!

“PRO TIP: Put Resonate Suwannee 2024 on your festival calendar. Just sayin’…” ~Scott Hopkins

OTT knew exactly what to deliver to the fans next as he showed he’s no stranger to the park as he dropped his insane psychedelic dub tracks that had even Baby Yoda tranced. His bass laden tracks had the sounds of Thursday Resonating into the trees and welcoming the morning dew of Friday.

“We came down from Greenville, South Carolina to relax, rejuvenate, and renew our vows. We met at a sound tribe show 3 years ago and have both been avid fans for the past decade plus. When the lineup was released, we bought tickets the day of. The community that STS9 fosters is truly special. The artists, both visually and musically, were curated with care, and it showed! It’s hard to pick a favorite performance, because all the artists were so spot on. We got our tribe cup filled, overflowing in fact; And we saw some musical acts we love and were overdue to catch up with (Emancipator, Mark Farina, The Polish Ambassador, and more!) We also walked away excited about some talent we had yet to discover. Looking at you Megan Hamilton, Tamayo, and Skiz!

We got to see lots of old friends and make some new lifelong connections. Suwanee Music Park is truly a magical place, and we always come back to our daily lives fulfilled, and spiritually reset. We are grateful for the hard work of everyone involved and look forward to heading down there again soon. See ya on the dance floor!” ~ Carter & Holly

Can something resonate without making a sound?

a) Yes

b) No

Yes! The answer is yes, something can Resonate without making a sound and that was felt throughout our campground community all morning with the pure natural beauty of Suwanee. But that sweet sound of @Dunkin Coffee pouring into my cup and the cups of a few lucky fellow fans walking by at the right time completed my morning ritual and hopefully theirs.

Another form of the Resonation is the artists laying paint on their blank canvases all day and throughout the weekend, truly amazing to watch these works of art come to life!

First up for the day was SKIZ with trippy beats that sounded like the dew falling from the trees mixed in with some classic rock samples. SKIZ is making his mark in the fest scene for sure. Fans were grooving in the baking hot sun enjoying every minute.

“Resonate is the feeling. That same feeling that washes over you when you are wished, “Happy Birthday”. A special weekend with special people. What happens when a group of experts join together!  An exquisite experience.” ~Lloyd Wayne

There are four galleries of photos of Resonate fans by Joel Shover. Check out #4 here.

GUAVATRON, the South Florida funk festival staple that will have you dancing from the first beat, took to the Amp Stage to showcase their talents and let the fans show off all the purple disco clothes they could find at the goodwill. Rodney Hansen (keyboards), Conor Crookham (bass), Casey Luden (drums/vocals), and Adonis Frangiskakis (Guitar/vocals) are the quartet from West Palm Beach that bring the funk every time!

FUTURE JOY hit the Superf3st Stage next and did they ever bring the heat with their fun soul-style set that included the kindness of umbrellas handed out to the crowd to block the sweating sun. That sun didn’t stop the fans from dancing along to every hot catchy beat that they played. Most exciting of all, was the super talented Zachary David Simms playing three saxophones at once. The beautiful vocals from Emily Cooper and her charismatic moves makes this duo a non-stoppable force in the EDM world. St Louis fans can check them out in June at the Rekinection Festival along with Resonate alum OPIUO and The FLOOZIES ,

Check out this video from FUTURE JOY at RESONATE here:

“It was really special for us to be on the lineup of Resonate, since it was one of the first festivals, we “renegaded” two years ago from our RV stage. We also met a lot of our festival family at this fest. From the campground to the stage! Suwannee has been such a beautiful place for us to grow and evolve as artists, and it feels like a second home. (We even spent a month there in our RV last year.) The spirit of Suwannee really does provide.” ~FUTURE JOY

HIVE MIND packed the @Warwickbass and all its funky sounds and exploded into Resonate for their set. These four jamming rockers from Hotlanta definitely have the skills it takes to wow the crowd. Their sentimental tribute to Chuck Morris with “Spiritualize” was mind-blowing to say the least. Check them out here:

MEGAN HAMILTON took to the Superf3st Stage to show off her masterful old school funky remixes along with her smooth vocals and amazing stage presence, Megan has proven time in and time out that she is a serious force to be reckoned with in the industry with her cutting-edge style. I would love to personally thank MEGAN HAMILTON for the awesome picture and moment during her set. Megan you’re amazing, keep up those killer beats! Immerse yourself in Megan’s catalog here:

“Resonate Suwannee, wow I was not expecting you. It was my first time at Resonate and it won’t be my last. Such a beautiful and magical place, it was definitely spiritual. We had a great camp and neighbors with nothing shared but love, tunes and Venison sausage. Met amazing people and made some longtime friends. The energy of SOS was invigorating, left me with a feeling that I’m still running on today. Worth the six blisters I went home with, the place is huge! Hands down my favorite festival of all time!” ~ Amanda Facello

The LOTUS set left the Amp Stage empty to honor Chuck Morris. HIVE MIND’s drummer Rohan Prakash teamed up Zach Velmer from STS9 the two led the drum circle each with a single beat. Fans that had placed flowers inside the circle and brought their own drum to participate then joined in for a very touching honor for Chuck in such a way that it also resonated with anyone in attendance that has experienced a loss themselves. It truly was a beautiful ceremony. RIP CHUCK MORRIS

 MARK FARINA, “Let’s sway, while color lights up your face” and swayed we swayed, as FARINA treated us to his mushroom jazz and old school funkadelic sounds, and those prolific sounds took us right back to bliss. Check out the video here:

STS9 set 1 The tribe took to the stage for their first set of the night, and they did not disappoint. In no time they had us transformed with the exquisite rhythms they were producing. They had the hammocks all swaying for sure! No videos can show you this band, you need to just buy the ticket and come along for the ride.

EMANICIPATOR brought his insane EDM sounds to the eager crowd that could have danced till the sun came up. His flame from the stage surely had spread to the dance floor.

“Laser Fox had an incredible experience at Resonate Suwannee. We enjoyed making magic in the sky with all the amazing artists that made resonate so beautiful and unique. Meeting all the bands and making so many new friends was the absolute best. Suwannee music park is really our second home. We can’t wait to do it all over again.” ~Lucinda and Cody~Laser Fox productions

STS9 set 2 Lights, lights, lights everywhere. There are lights, but not just any lights, picture the most amazing lights you can in the most amazing place you can be. Now multiply that times ten! That’s where we all were by this point in the day and the final set from the tribe did not disappoint! Check out this audio from the show, I would play this at a very high volume if I were you! 

OPIUO brought the beats from down under that had the wildest of wild things gravitating to the wee hours of the morning.

There is no way you can’t get down to the hard bass-hitting wild-funky sounds that OPIUO brings! There is a reason that every festival in the world wants this DJ. Listen for yourself:

“Resonate was my first experience at Suwannee and I have never felt more love and feeling like I was home. So much peace and light has been brought into my life because of Resonate, and I’m forever thankful to have experienced this festival and the love of the people there” ~ Laura Rowe

VLAD THE INHALER another Suwanee park veteran, made sure the party from the night before continued on with his smooth dubstep mixed with funky seventies soul grooves. You can catch him again this fall at Hulaween. Follow him here:

I made my way over to the Amp Stage and was taken by surprise once again in the true spirit of Suwanee by SNEEZY, The funk soul band from Chicago! This band hit the stage rocking a horn section and brought a P A R T Y with them.

SNEEZY is out on the road all summer doing the festival thang but behold they will be back at the park for Hulaween!  Look at what SNEEZY had to say about playing RESONATE:

“It was like coming home. We felt the love and comfort of the amazing Suwannee community instantly. There is a something special about Suwannee that allows artists and fans to be their true selves upon arrival.” ~ SNEEZY the Band

DIRTWIRE took the Superf3st Stage by tribal storm with this authentic Indian tribal dance. Just look at the crowd Resonating to those beats produced by these multi-instrumentalist artists! Thanks to Joel Munoz III for some great video captures of the weekend.

BIG SOMETHING these guys were rocking the psychedelic funk and pulling songs from the middle of nowhere that had us all dancing to fun sounds during the almighty four o’clock hour. Fred Durst should check these guys out! WEBSITE

“I loved this lineup, but it was more than just the music. I felt like I was inside an immersive art installation under the oaks. Light shows on the Spanish moss, live painters, comedians, surreal interactive shows. You can disconnect from the outside world. It’s a circus, a music festival, and an art movement with a community of people who have a spirit of giving.” ~Rachel McRae

Just to the right of the Amp Stage featured an insane VIP area with its own close viewing area. This area featured spotless air-conditioned rest rooms and personal massages for your enjoyment.  There were discounted beverages and even a taco buffet as well. The VIP hosts were onsite and eager to assist the fans as needed, all with super smiles on!

DESERT DWELLERS took us into an immersible set with their downtempo soundscapes that had us almost tasting and feeling each sound produced. The positioning of artists in each of their time slots could not have been planned out more perfectly and precise. WEBSITE

This DESERT DWELLERS set was just what we all needed to take us into the night. For now, we had all Resonated to one tribe.

“As a Suwannee regular, but a first time Resonator, it has quickly become one of my favorites. Smaller festivals in the park help create such a family vibe and by the end of the weekend, you can recognize everyone’s face and they’re all new friends. Music and production fantastically curated for a fantastic experience; besides, how can you go wrong with 4 tribe sets!! The great blend between electronic and jam acts was absolutely, perfect!” ~ Danny Jay

LAWRENCE had everyone in the crowd dancing at the Amp Stage as LAWRENCE showcased their beautiful vocals and multi-instrumentalist talent by bringing the city-style pop-funk that they have been known to lay down. New Englanders can check them out on May 18th in Boston for a special acoustic performance. Follow LAWRENCE here:

THE POLISH AMBASSADOR took to the Superf3st Stage to show off his mad old school electronica beats. It seemed at times he had all the tall oak trees dancing along with the spinning crowd. Look at the fun had by all right here:  

Resonate is best expressed that the cool waters of Suwannee have washed over one, leaving a heart heavy with Love and a soul full of inspiration! You cannot leave as this feeling will Resonate with you forever. It hasn’t been that long since the last song, yet my eyes are still smiling wide… until next time. ~ Corrine Flumerfelt

CIMAFUNK a Grammy nominated Afro-Cuban Rockstar who takes classical Cuban rhythms and adds his style of hip-hop, funk, and afrobeat had the entire Amp stage bouncing with the pure electric funk pouring out of every musician’s instrument. Not only does CIMAFUNK has mesmerizing vocals but he’s also a great showman! GO SEE THEM! Let’s see these guys tour with LETTUCE across the USA and beyond! “Paul, you’re a genius!” ~Joel S.

“Resonate let me perform and be myself. This festival is magic. The people make it a dream. I wish it happened twice a year!” ~ Andy Davenport

THE FLOOZIES from Kansas had the task of performing the last set on the Superf3st Stage for this year’s Resonate festival. They brought their Midwest trippy techno sounds combined with the exceptional talents of LASER FOX and the place exploded in light and color! If you’re gonna go, you might as well go hard!

BUTTERFLY RELEASE was a beautiful edition to this festival honoring tragic loss, remembering Rachel Morningstar Hoffman, Chuck Morris, his son Charley, and all others that we have lost too soon.  Watch the ceremony here:

“Let me say this one topped my festival experiences. The schedule and lineup were amazing, the sound and art installations were so beautiful. The drum circle for Lotus was bone chillingly beautiful and the butterfly release for Rachel was meaningful and reminds us why we come together in love for these events. There are so many words to put on this but in a nutshell it was a gathering of a lifetime that will be in our hearts for years to come! Thoroughly looking forward to next year.” ~ Laura Gagne

How do you conclude such an emotionally packed festival that really should have no end? You turn to your neighbor and say, “Let the funk be enough!” LETTUCE did exactly that as they are no stranger anywhere in this park! Ge-tt-ing to play since 1992 from Boston, MA,  when you hear them you dance, and dance, and dance, and dance, and dance. Check them out here and you’ll see why that LETTUCE & CIMAFUNK TOUR needs to happen! Until then you can plan on seeing LETTUCE this fall at Hulaween.

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The Resonate Festival was a wonderful gathering of kindred spirits and kind souls that all Resonated into one tribe. The music was the elevator and we were all along for the ride. Until the next show………..Joel Shover

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There are four albums of fans by Joel Shover Photography. Check out #1 here.

There are four photo galleries of fans from Resonate by Joel Shover. Check out #2 here.

There are four photo galleries of fans from Resonate by Joel Shover. Check out #3 here.

There are four galleries of photos of Resonate fans by Joel Shover. Check out #4 here.

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