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The Who

The Who

May 15 2015

Ohio Stadium Columbus, OH


Jack O'Handley's classic rock journey and appreciation of the Who began when he was thirteen and continues to this day. So a pilgrimage to see one of the shows on their latest hits tour had him wondering if they could possibly hold up still, at their, ahem, experienced ages. He was not shocked necessarily to see that indeed they could hold up, and rock out as well.

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket

June 23 and 24, 2015

The Palace Theater Columbus, OH


Jack O'Handley, of the band Rubix Wheel, went to a two night stand of one of his favorite bands, My Morning Jacket, in Columbus, OH. We've included a pair of videos for you to scope, shot from the audience.

Mike Gordon Columbus OH

Mike Gordon Band

June 11, 2015

Newport Music Hall Columbus OH


Jack O'handley from Rubix Wheel reviews his first venture to see Mike Gordon band at this mecca of live music in Columbus, OH. C'bus being his home town, Jack is especially excited to take in this band he's been wanting to see for some time. We've included video from the Chicago stop on that same tour.