Peter Hook and The Light performed an incredible show at the Ace Hotel in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA on September 8th that brought the music of New Order and Joy Division fully and vividly to life with all the immediacy and power that seminal material commanded and deserved. 

This show was brought forward in multiple parts which featured an opening set of New Order classics, then it follows by full and robust performances of Joy Divisions classics albums: Unknown Pleasures and Closer. The expansive and generous set list featured 30 songs. There were so many highlights to count in number but “Your Silent Face” and “Age of Consent” were among the great ones played at the opening set.  From Unknown Pleasures, “Disorder,” “She’s Lost Control” and “New DawnFades” were also standouts.

During the closing section of the program, “Atrocity Exhibition,” Isolation,” “Heart and Soul” were beyond exciting. The show was that good. The Light breathed new life into them and were at once gripping and compelling. Peter Hook, the co-founder and bassist of both bands, really impressed the audience with his phenomenal vocals that were haunting, graceful and forceful. He wore an Ian Curtis t-shirt and it felt as if his spirit was there in a meaningful and impactful way. Hook’s onstage demeanor is subtle and straightforward and the focus was always on the music and stayed there. The 30-year old music has held up very well and sounds fresh, modern and potent as it did when originally conceived.  

From the video channel of Morgan King

Set List 

New Order 


In a Lonely Place 

Dreams Never End 

Leave Me Alone 


True Faith 

Unknown Pleasures 


Days of the Lords 



New Dawn Fades 

She’s Lost Control 




I Remember Nothing 


Atorcity Exhibition 




A Means to an End 

Heart and Soul 

Twenty Four Hours 

The Eternal 






Love Will Tear Us Apart 

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