TD Garden, Boston MA August 4th 2022  Review, Photography, and Videos by Joel Shover

Barry Manilow brought the hits back to New England with a visit to The TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday August 4th 2022 officially kicking off his 2022, The Hits Arena Tour presented by Live Nation. Manilow wasn’t alone this time around. Barry tapped the charismatic jazz saxophonist Dave Koz and his band for his opening act for this tour.

Dave Koz and his band got the crowd warmed up with energetic seventies funk songs like HOLLYWOOD SWINGING along with other jazzy medleys like YOU MAKE ME SMILE. Dave’s skills on the saxophone are impeccable. Be sure to get to the show early so you can see for yourself!

The Fanilows were all dressed for the occasion as you can see in this picture of a group from Walpole, Massachusetts

Glow sticks are snapped and shaken, the lights have dimmed, and the famous red drapes are lit with rotating blue lights. This could mean only one thing and one thing only. It was right here and right now that the original showman himself was about to hit the stage and the crowd was ready for the Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and winner of numerous other American Music Awards, Mr. Barry Manilow.

Manilow graced the stage in his signature red jacket as the curtains were cleared to a huge Marquee of Barry’s name in lights as the crowd screamed!

Barry wasted no time in jumping into the hits with the first being MIRACLE right into the classic sing along CAN’T SMILE WITHOUT YOU.

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Manilow then dialed in the love song STAY.

As the Boston crowd caught their breath, we were all reminded by Barry himself as he said LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT and made it he did as he told the story of growing up in Brooklyn, NY as he performed Brooklyn Blues.

The next song was dedicated to everyone as Barry sang THIS ONE’S FOR YOU with his graceful signature sound.  Manilow kept the crowd going with the upbeat song DAYBREAK as the crowd swayed along with their glowsticks. EVEN NOW was the next chart-topper that Manilow pulled out of his never-ending catalog of hits. Did I mention that Barry has his own Walk of Fame Star in Hollywood? Barry took us into a medley of hits including READY TO TAKE A CHANCE AGAIN.

The Massachusetts crowd was then treated to the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber cover of MEMORIES. Mellow wasn’t the mood for long as Barry and his band broke into The Four Seasons cover of LET’S HANG ON. The crowd was waiting and it was finally here as Manilow struck the ivory keys of his signature Yamaha Piano. No, it wasn’t Mandy, not yet anyway.

The song was WEEKEND IN NEW ENGLAND and there was a moment of time and music space when Barry sang the words “Time in New England” as the crowd went into an all-out standing ovation as Barry re-sang the verse so the crowd could hear it twice! 

 Manilow then had a little fun with the crowd and remind them of childhood commercials like the BAND AID BRAND and the STATE FARM INSURANCE JINGLE. Yes, Barry Manilow wrote “Like a Good Neighbor…State Farm is There”.  

Manilow just turned the frisky young age of 79 and his career has spanned decades but one thing you should know about Barry Manilow is his passion for music.

Barry donated ten-thousand dollars to Boston’s English High Schools Music Teacher David Carkner. That money can be used for the school’s music program and new instruments for the kids. The more you learn about Barry Manilow the more you’ll love the man. COULD IT BE MAGIC? Magic it was as he got the crowd going again with the hit song from the 1973 self-titled album.   

I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN was the next sing-along and why stop there? The piano keys were struck and it was time for everyone’s favorite MANDY. And the hits kept coming with I WRITE THE SONGS. The crowd cheered and cheered for more and Manilow delivered an encore of the world-famous COPACABANA for the crowd as they started DANCING IN THE STREETS. Fans were doing just that, dancing into the streets of Boston as Barry spread some good musical love on the city.

Go See Live Music…. Till The Next Show…. Joel

Check out the full gallery of photos by Joel from this night here.

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