Wilkes-Barre PA Mohegan Sun Arena March 23 2022 by Ryan O’Malley

At 74 years old, it’s about time Alice Cooper became a nice guy. For over 50 years, Cooper – widely considered the godfather of shock rock – has scared both parents and their children with his over-the-top stage theatrics that involve everything from over-sized babies running across the stage to Cooper being decapitated by a guillotine as part of his show. As part of his current tour, Cooper stopped by the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. on March 23 to headline a night celebrating the 42nd anniversary of Rock 107, a Northeast Pa. classic rock station that not only plays numerous Cooper songs on normal rotation, but also hosts his “Nights With Alice Cooper” radio show.

The night wasn’t just a celebration of Rock 107; it also celebrated Cooper’s legacy and his transformation from shock rock guru to an artist that is loved by the same parents and children he spent decades scaring.

Like most of his career, Cooper’s stage show for this tour is elaborate, with an old castle looking set that invoked imagery similar to the Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle pinball machine involving numerous doors filled with smoke, multiple platforms, and a castle tower that housed various “monsters” throughout the evening.

Taking the stage right around 9:15, Cooper was full of energy as he belted out “Feed My Frankenstein,” a rowdy cut from his 1991 album “Hey Stoopid.” Flanked by guitarists Ryan Roxie, Tommy Henriksen and Nita Strauss, Cooper blazed through his appropriately-titled hit “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” before breaking into “Bed of Nails,” a cut from his 1989 hit album, “Trash.” While having three guitarists in a band may seem a bit brazen, Cooper let each musician shine throughout the evening. Strauss – the 35 year old guitarist who landed the top spot on Guitar World’s “10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know” – is the standout musician in the lineup, with her wild flailing hair and leather outfit complimenting her incredible playing for the entire show. Being easy on the eyes could only go so far for some musicians, but Strauss’s extraordinary playing coupled with her badass look makes her the quintessential rock star.

Midway through the set, Cooper delivered a three song segue of hits beginning with his ode to the transition from adolescence to adulthood, “I’m Eighteen,” which segued into one of his most iconic songs, 1989’s “Poison.” Not one to let the energy subside, Cooper followed up with “Billion Dollar Babies,” a song which featured some of the best theatrics of the evening.

The ending part of Cooper’s show included such gems as “My Stars,” “Dead Babies,” and his band chanting the chorus of “I Love the Dead” before one of the most infamous parts of the show occurred: Alice lost his head. Literally. As part of his legendary live shows, Cooper would have a full-sized guillotine wheeled out on stage and actually climb into the device and giving the illusion that the characters on stage would be decapitating the legendary singer. At 74 why should he stop now? It is always a show highlight, and the show in Wilkes-Barre was no different.

Ending the set proper with “Teenage Frankenstein,” Cooper and his band briefly left the stage before the familiar sound of a school bell rang out signaling the beginning of his massive 1972 hit “School’s Out.” It was a fitting end to a show that showcased Cooper’s legendary 50-plus year career that has defined the shock rock genre and established him as one of rock’s true icons.

Prior to Cooper taking the stage, label mates Buckcherry delivered a loud, profanity filled 45 minute set of dirty rock and roll including their hits “Lit Up,” “Sorry,” and “Crazy Bitch.”

Nightmare Castle

Feed My Frankenstein

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Bed of Nails

Hey Stoopid

Fallen in Love

Go Man Go

Under My Wheels

He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)

Go to Hell

Be My Lover

I’m Eighteen


Billion Dollar Babies

Roses on White Lace

My Stars

Black Widow Jam


Dead Babies

I Love the Dead


Teenage Frankenstein

School’s Out

From the video channel of Jim Powers

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