The Center for Arts Natick MA welcome Red Wanting Blue on January 21 2022 by Jennifer Simon

January 21st was one of those evil deceptive intense winter days on the east coast.  Experienced locals didn’t let the bright sunshine fool them, it was cold out there!  And nighttime dropped the temperature into the single digits and brought on the wind.  A perfect night to huddle at home.  But no, I was going to see Red Wanting Blue at the Natick Center for the Arts.  I was unfamiliar with their music, but when you have spent too much of the last 2 years at home, I knew I shouldn’t bag on the opportunity.  What a great decision that was!  There’s nothing better for warming you up and getting the blood flowing than a good ol American rock/blues band and Red Wanting Blue brought their game on. 

Meaghan Farrel was the opener of the show and started the evening with about a concise forty five minute set. Meaghan is a singer songwriter who describes her work as positive and uplifting and dedicated the music to “All my weirdos and all my freaks.”

Her show included “Just Me” performed solo on acoustic guitar, “Massachusetts” followed and Farrel was joined on stage by Greg Daniel Smith on electric guitar. “Wild and Free” was dedicated to my weirdos and was an upbeat tune. For “My Anarchy” Meaghan declared that it was her favorite of her songs. “Let Me Let You Go” had a brooding heart beat rhythmic undertone and nice harmony vocals. On “Blame It on Tuesday” Gregg switchws to acoustic guitar and for “I Smile,” a lovesong, was performed as a duet. “Ready to Go” maintained their high energy level.

Coming to the stage around 9:15 after Meaghan Farrell Red Wanting Blue played a nonstop 15 song set, with a two song encore.  Many in the usually staid crowd were on their feet swaying, fist pumping and singing along.  

Red Wanting Blue was so pleased to be back in the Boston area and this was their first visit since 2019.  I could tell that they were psyched to be in a performing arts venue. While they likely enjoy their more typical TT The Bear’s club visits, on this night they seemed to appreciate the larger space and higher caliber sound available to them at TCAN.

The sound is always great at TCAN.  After the show I streamed some of the band’s music and I must say I thought I got the better end of the deal live.  Their albums are good, but hearing them live added a growling edge to vocals and energy that made the experience great.









Death – duo with washboard

Vegas – Baby You’re My Las Vegas – all out rocking blast

Finger – with fingers in the air eggin’ them on!  Everybody on their feet!


Younger – In our younger days we would….

84 – new song from their upcoming album



2 song encore including The World is Over.

This song was recorded a couple of nights later in Philadelphia at City Winery:

From the video channel of wiskey2000

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