The Center for Arts Natick, MA welcomed Jonatha Brooke October 09 2021 by Jennifer Simon

From the video channel of Amy Karibian

Jonatha Brooke was on stage at The Center for the Arts in Natick on October 10th.  As she picked up her guitar an enthusiastic audience member called out “Welcome Home”, helping to set the mood for the night.  The show opened with Crumbs setting the stage right away for her own style of music that often starts out seeming folkie but slides into a funky vibe on guitar solos.  Brooke shared the stage with Sean Driscoll on electric bass. 

Brooke played one very long set nicely woven with stories from her youth and tales of song history.  She talked to the audience about learning guitar in an unschooled manner which is part of why each song has its own tuning.  This forces her into a crazy sort of guitar ballet of talking to the audience while using her hands, ears and eyes to tune her instrument. 

During a short pause while she focused on a tuning, an audience member spontaneously called out a local venue where he had seen her perform live; Club Passim (Cambridge) then another called out Johnny D’s (Somerville) this was followed by nearly a dozen more.  With each club name Jonatha responded with the name of the musician that had accompanied her.  All this was while she continued to tune, of course.  It was fun, unique, and classy.

Jonatha Brooke has a new album out, Sweetwater Sessions, that naturally was released during the pandemic. Brooke said she has dubbed this tour All Hits All the Time.  She played songs from that as well as from her full catalog.

From the video channel of Amy Karibian


Crumbs with Brooke on acoustic guitar

Cuz I

Circus (holes in my fishnets)

Red Dress (about her first marriage)

Angel with Brooke solo on acoustic guitar

Taste of Danger with Brooke at the house baby grand piano

Ten Cent Wings with Brooke at the piano and Sean joining on electric bass

Imposter with Brooke switching to mandolin

Midnight Hallelujah

At a Still Point Brooke returns to acoustic guitar

Put the Gun down

Hashtag Lullaby


West Point

Prodigal Daughter

So Much Mine



Tears with Brooke on mandolin

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