Sold Out Show at The Troubadour February 17 by Harriet Kaplan

Riding high on the release of his debut EP, “The Feeling,” that is getting rave reviews and attention for his songwriting acumen and powerhouse gospel-influenced vocal style, VINCINT delivered an entertaining and memorable show that was sold out at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA, on February 17th. The high-energy performance featured two male dancers in white shorts and long sleeve shirts that added a fun, loose vibe and sexy feel (some bumping and grinding was going on in unison onstage) giving the show a bit of production values and choreography to enhance the accessible soulful, pop and very danceable nine-song set.

VINCINT had a couple of wardrobe changes from a white glittery jacket and shorts to a dressy letterman suit jacket and matching shorts. The very tall and lanky singer was backed by a solid and talented live band featuring musicians on guitar, bass and drums. VINCINT’s songs are very universal and relatable dealing the aftermath of relationships that break up and the ensuing mixed and complicated emotions of heartbreak that result. On the other side of that pain, sadness and regret, VINCINT emerges victorious and more independent of mind and smartly guarding his heart and analyzes his choices more wisely as he navigates the uncertain and treacherous waters of dating again. Set highlights included “Save Myself,” “Remember Me,” Someday,” Miss You,” and “Magic.”

VINCINT is a warm, gracious, kind, compassionate and generous person. He repeatedly thanked the audience for supporting his music and coming out to see him perform. VINCINT also felt the need to acknowledge other artists in the crowd that are gifted in their own right and were longtime friends. Calling each one individually up to the stage, each performer had a moment in the spotlight to sing and shine so to speak. He also thanked the openers Philadelphia jazz, rock and hip-hop artist Mike Taylor and Kelechi, also a performer in the hip-hop vain but with an R&B flavor mixed in, for joining him on the bill. Though Kelechi’s was very short, he gave the brief performance his all and keep the energy level high and the audience seemed engaged and interested. Mike Taylor is a beast of a performer, actively working the stage floor pacing back and forth to make sure everyone was entertained and got his undivided attention. Taylor worked the crowd hard with material aimed to stay firmly implanted in the mind of listeners with feel good “soul” influenced music. During their respective sets they pointed out and made the distinction that VINCINT did more than ask them to play, but created a significant creative space and platform, for three queer black male acts to performance together in a night of inclusivity and diversity on the stage not often seen in rock clubs. 

Set List
Save Myself
Remember Me
Dance Break
Miss You
Say (Acoustic)
Stupid Deep

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