Sold out show at The Novo in Los Angeles on February 8th by Harriet Kaplan

From the video channel of John Dough

Atmosphere started out as hip hop/rap act with an underground and indie rock following and have become indie rap superstars. Rapper Slug (Sean Daley) and producer Ant (Anthony Davis) are known for their introspective rhyming, creative and inventive storytelling and a classic production style. They also have a unique sound utilizing live instrumentation to offset and accentuate the raps of MC Slug that have weighty subject matter (love, sex, religion, maturity, fatherhood and domesticity).

Since 1997, the Minneapolis, Minnesota duo has built a devoted, hardcore following with an abundant, prolific output of material including 11 albums on their Rhymesayers label: Overcast!, God Loves Ugly, Seven’s Travels, You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having, Strictly Leakage, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold, The Family Sign, Southsiders, Fishing Blues, Mid Vida Local and their latest effort, Whenever.

Atmosphere are also renowned for their collaborations and non-stop touring. At their sold-out show at The Novo on last Saturday in DTLA, Slug stormed the stage and delivered a passionate, intense and high energy show backed by two DJs, one being Ant. Slug is a compelling, confident frontman/ringleader. Wearing a peacoat over his clothes, he moved frantically back and forth across the stage and was sweating profusely under the lights. He often made several silly and goofy facial expressions. Slug lead the enthusiastic and animated crowd (in Atmosphere-themed merch wear) in their late-twenties and up in waving arms in the air and hearty sing-a-longs.

There were a number of highlights in the almost 30-song set spanning Atmosphere including Onemosphere (self awareness and ego); Fuck You Lucy/Pour Me Another (misplaced love and pain it causes); The Woman With the Tattooed Hands (virginal woman struggling between good and evil); God’s Bathroom Floor: (pains and tribulations of addiction) Puppets (critically examining fame) and many more. Slug randomly and spontaneously told the audience he loved them unconditionally and they responded by cheering loudly. Sometimes, Slug took that back saying he didn’t really love them unconditionally or the audience didn’t love him, either, but there was a connection and vibe going on between Atmosphere and their devoted fan that was very real and authentic.

From the video channel of Luis C

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