Broke Royals “Saint Luxury” First Single off Forthcoming Album

Since 2014, DC’s Philip Basnight and Collin Cross have been creating songs that embody the best kind of identity crisis.

Incorporating the vulnerability and shared insights of late-night, low-volume conversations, the duo better known as Broke Royals transform these inspirations into stadium-ready anthems. Their gut-punch choruses easily reach the folks up in the nosebleeds.

While they’re on their own sonically, their musical choices are very “DC.” From the get-go, their output has had all the nuance, raw emotion, accessibility and directness of their neighbors in the legendary Go-Go and Hardcore scenes.

Some of the nation’s top music publications have taken notice, too, including features on Billboard, PopMatters, Atwood Magazine and No Depression – as well as being chosen as one of the top “bands to watch” by CBS Television and Southwest Airlines. The chemistry between Cross’ production chops and Basnight’s literary word-craft has become more compelling and more-worthy of max volume with each release, and it’s on full display here.

We had a chance to catch up with the band and ask them how things have been going lately. “This Spring, Broke Royals headlined the main stage at the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington, D.C.. It was a great event that wrapped around the Potomac river with events at the Tidal Basin and The Wharf In DC. By the time we took the stage, several thousand people were in attendance. We’d been on a short break from touring to spend time in the studio but as soon as we hit the stage everything just clicked. We played off the crowd’s energy and Ben ripped through some excellent and wild guitar solos. For most of the set a young boy had been on his mother’s shoulders in the front row asking to come on stage. Towards the end, we ushered him on to the stage, he introduced himself as Bruce and danced mightily through our penultimate song. It was a glorious night all around and, as soon as we finished our set, celebratory fireworks began to shoot off behind us. It’s a night we won’t soon forget.”

With their newest release, Saint Luxury- which is the title the first single off their forthcoming album of the same name, uncertainty has never sounded so sure-footed. They’ve taken their urgent, anthemic guitar rock and soulful melodies in as many directions as they’ve got songs, and their latest is another major leap forward. About the single, “Saint Luxury”: Every song is a struggle. Star-crossed love. Or hometown escape. A good artist can turn any private conflict into public property. Basnight and Cross may have just zeroed in on a struggle that transcends class, race, belief system, politics, geography, gender — everything.

It’s that stretch of life we all wander solo in between being told what’s “right,” and becoming the person telling people what’s “right.” It’s space to explore what we think is right, but it can be a terrible freedom. It’s a tough enough time to navigate, never mind name. Sometimes it takes a song to tell you which kind of lost you are. Enter Saint Luxury, the would-be savior, and her song. Talk about lost. She’s an angel who’s had it with Heaven. The clear-sky clean notes and rhythmic propulsion convey the celebratory sadness of departure and the breathless hope that lies in whatever awaits.

This is our gateway to the Saint Luxury album, Broke Royals’ second LP, and a concept record in the spirit of Sgt. Pepper’s. The duo isn’t just constructing a character arc, they’re building an entire world. It’s a put-it-on-repeat reminder to be empathetic and to be present. And in these times, it’s a much-needed reminder that you can still save your soul with Rock & Roll.

Tour Dates

August 07th – Preservation Pub – Knoxville, TN
August 08th – The East Room – Nashville, TN
August 09th – Be Here Now – Muncie, IN
August 10th – Martyrs’ – Chicago, IL
August 11th – Up and Under Pub – Milwaukee, WI
August 13th – The Wonder Bar – Asbury Park, NJ
August 14th – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
August 15th – The Camel – Richmond, VA
August 16th – DC9 Nightclub – Washington, DC