Performing live at Coney Island Baby on February 22 2019

Review by Jacqueline Hernandez & Photos by Mark Ashe

A full gallery of photos by Mark Ashe is located here.

Roll the Dice

The music scene is alive and well in the Lower East Side of New York City. On any given night you can roll the dice, hedge your bets, walk into a bar and find new music to fall in love with.

On February 22, I found myself in one such bar for the Radiator King Roll the Dice EP release show. On this night the sound of fresh music and raw passion wafted down Avenue A.

Coney Island Baby is a beautifully decorated venue with the best seats in the house, anywhere in the house. The slightly elevated stage, and lounge seating allows for an intimate show which is complimentary to a wide range of performances. This night the house was packed from the bar to the stage with fans anxiously awaiting the live performance.

At around 9:30 PM Radiator King took the stage; the excitement and the pride was palpable.There is something so electric about watching people live out their dreams, creating art and being so invested in sharing that with others.

During this performance Radiator King was comprised of Adam Silvestri on lead vocals/ guitar, Ed Goldson bassist/ backing vocals, Adam Moses percussion, and Shaul Eshet on keyboard/backing vocals . Each one of these musicians not only came with an impressive skill set, but a clear dedication to the art they are creating, and the clear evidence of joy on their faces.

The unit played an hour long set comprised of 13 songs woven together from the earlier albums of ‘Document Untold’, ‘A Hollow Triumph‘, and the new project ‘Roll the Dice’. The set listcontains songs that are weighty in storytelling, but take on a different life when they are played live.

Silvestri’s writing has been likened to the Boss and other Americana greats, but to see them play, it is evident that Radiator King is in a league of their own. The sound is unique, yet nostalgic. The haunting vocals and the impressive artistry by the musicians creates a sound that envelops the space and draws the listener into the stories being told.

All around the room, there are smiles on faces, feet tapping and many fans mouthing along to the songs being played. The energy coming from the stage is infectious. It is clear that everyone involved is having a great time. New and old fans alike are being drawn together by the electricity in the room.

Video by Jacqui H

Songs like my personal favorite “Raylene” wafting from the stage depict a vulnerability and honesty in the songwriting. While others such as ‘Ghost Dance’ , “Christmas Eve’, “The Guns you Pawned’ and “So Long Charlie” transport you back to a different time in history. “Second thoughts in Memphis’ and ‘Roll the Dice’ engulf you in nostalgia and have you aching for lovers long gone. The music has a way of tugging at your heartstrings.

To see Radiator King play live is so much more than a concert, and it is something you should definitely experience for yourself.

Set list:

Freddy Rockin

Ghost Dance

Christmas Eve


Second Thoughts in Memphis

The Guns You Pawned


Roll the Dice

Murray’s Hurried Blues

So Long (Charlie)



Too Mean to Die

Video by Jacqui H

A full gallery of photos by Mark Ashe is located here.

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