Will Hoge
Moroccan Lounge Los Angeles, CA
October 30, 2018
by Stevo Rood

Taking a break from touring with Social Distortion, Will Hoge Headlined at the Moroccan Lounge on Tuesday October 30th. The crowd loved seeing him perform in the intimate setting. During ‘Even if it Breaks Your Heart’ Hoge unexpectedly paused for a moment during the song, perhaps to fix a technical issue.  He looked up surprised when the audience took up the slack for him, continuing to sing the chorus until Hoge picked up the song again. The audience was treated to Will’s brand new Martin Guitar which he purchased earlier that day.

Hoge was clearly excited about the purchase and played heartily on a couple of songs, delighting in the guitar’s feel.

Will is on tour promoting his latest release, “My American Dream” where he expresses his feelings about the current political and environmental atmosphere in our country and was evident at the show with his entertaining thoughts and stories.  He played nearly every song from the album.

Set list:
Still a Southern Man
Better off Now
Stupid Kids
Cold Night in Santa Fe
Little Bitty
Illegal Line
2nd Hand Heart
Home is Where…
Mr. Barnum
Thoughts & Prayers
Even if it Breaks Your Heart
Gilded Walls
Original Sin
Nikki’s A Republican Now
Long Gone
Encore: Through Missing You
Til I Do it Again

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