Security Project at the Iron Horse on November 7th, 2017
Security Project at the Iron Horse on November 7th, 2017

Security Project Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA November 7, 2017 Story, photos, and video by Kelly D

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If you have any sort of appreciation for Peter Gabriel’s contribution to music as a whole, go see the Security Project ASAP. Seriously. They’re exquisite. I got my first chance in my sorta neck of the woods, squished in the Iron Horse with throngs of other prog fans- including one legendary musician. . . But I’ll get to that later. I had gotten the notice that the Security Project, a tribute to Peter Gabriel’s early solo albums (all cleverly titled Peter Gabriel but given nicknames like Melt, Car, and Security), was coming to town. The band is composed of former members of Gabriel’s band and a female lead singer who has a striking four-octave vocal range. You want Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush rolled into one lithe sprite of a woman? Happy Rhodes is it. She’s a relatively new addition to the group; she only joined in 2016, but she has clearly made her mark.

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The band entered the stage to whoops and applause, and quickly blew my companions’ and my minds with their moody, driving version of Genesis’ “Fly on a Windshield.” We hardly had time to comprehend the awesomeness of it all before the next song began: “Family Snapshot,” Peter Gabriel’s freaky and moving tale of a JFK-assassin type. They were clearly going deep. No “Solsbury Hill” or “Sledgehammer” here; think “The Family and the Fishing Net” and “San Jacinto.” The hits kept on coming. I was astounded by Happy Rhodes’ voice, moving seamlessly between Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush’s parts in “Games Without Frontiers” and “No Self Control” (both from Gabriel’s Melt, your reviewer’s favorite Gabriel solo album). The woman is a goddess. The rest of the band is Jerry Marotta on drums- Gabriel’s original drummer, Trey Gunn on Warr guitar and Chapman Stick, Michael Cozzi on guitar, and David Jameson on keyboards and Eigenharp. Each were formidable team members with the shared goal of providing an authentic tribute to the genius of Peter Gabriel. I was intensely entertained the entire show- ninety minutes for a set was not nearly long enough for my liking, but I was psyched with what we did get. I’m a massive fan of Genesis, Peter Gabriel, and Kate Bush: what wasn’t to love?

Jerry Marotta is a ham and a half; he was at once sweetly self-deprecating, a huckster for the band’s wares (I totally get ya, dude, starving artist and all that), and appreciative of the packed house. Due to my vantage point (the Iron Horse is not known for being entirely spacious) I could only see him at the end of the show when he came out from behind his kit to address the audience. That’s when he pointed out the special guest in the audience: Patrick Moraz from Yes and the Moody Blues just happened to be watching the show along with us! What a treat! The band then finished off the show with a primal rendition of “Lay Your Hands on Me,” with Gunn and Cotti eschewing their stringed instruments to pound on congas. The tightness between the band members cannot be overstated; I don’t think I heard one mistake the entire show. Extremely impressive. I swore to myself that I would have to see them again as soon as possible, then noticed they would be coming to the Boston area on that Friday. Hmm. . .

After the show, I got to have a lovely chat with Patrick Moraz, prog legend, and have him pet the shaved part of my head after he complimented it. He was a doll and I’m still delightfully baffled as to why he was there in the first place, but who cares? It was cool as hell! Stay tuned for my review of the Security Project’s Friday show. . . See more of my Security Project videos at my YouTube channel.

Set List:

Fly on a Windshield

I Have the Touch

Family Snapshot

No Self Control


The Family and the Fishing Net

Collective Heart (Happy Rhodes cover)


Games Without Frontiers

Here Comes the Flood

I Don’t Remember

Lead a Normal Life

San Jacinto

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Lay Your Hands on Me


The Rhythm of the Heat

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Check out more of Kelly’s video of the Security Project show at her YouTube channel HERE.



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