Adam Ezra Group

The Ramble  Salisbury Beach, MA

August 27 2016

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You can set your calendar around certain events every year-  an event that you do over and over again- whether because of the tunes, the vibe, the family and friends you may meet there.  The Ramble as put on by Adam Ezra Group is that way for me and my family and for the whole family of fans and friends that constitute the band’s fan base.  For several years in a row now the Ramble has been a free show at Salisbury Beach with major contributions raised for charitable organizations around New England.

This year was no exception to the standard raised by this event with two stages of music all day long, a beautiful day on the beach an the ‘boardwalk’ that is scenic Salisbury Beach.  Bands from Pesky J Nixon to Frank Viele and the Jordan Tirell-Wisocki trio and more.  We arrived mid afternoon with the whole family (three generations) in tow and settled into a grand beach day.  We ran into people everywhere we knew, and it was like a great reunion of sorts- catching people from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, MA, NY, CT and beyond.  Thousands of people populated the beach and stage front.

Frank Viele from Connecticut played as afternoon turned into evening and you could really tell that his band has been growing and finding their identity.  The hard working blue collar songsmith is a perfect appetizer for the Adam Ezra Group, with his gritty vocals and energetic style.  

Adam Ezra Group took the stage as darkness began to fall with his celebratory classic Raise Up Your Glasses.  What followed was over two hours of Adam Ezra Group- sweat and hair flying, percussion banging, guests coming and going in a raw celebration of music and message.  There were classic aplenty including Takin Off, Miss Hallelujah, Devil’s Side, and the modern cult classic The Devil Came Up to Boston which featured the aforementioned Jordan appearing on the fiddle.  But there was also new material which I found refreshing.

The band is popping with new tunes including at least one co-written with Jon Oates (of Hall and Oates.)  I heard at least two new tunes which was something I’ve really been hoping for, and there were new covers that I had not heard either.  Adam essentially closed the set with a solo acoustic performance of MA mainstay James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James.  He then brought out many of the musicians from throughout the day to perform a rousing group performance of the Beatles’ classic Let It Be.

The perfect dessert for a day of sun, music and charitable giving was the spectacular fireworks show shot off from a barge in the ocean to the adoring revelers still gathered on the beach.   While I would have loved to stay for the after shows in that likely would have been a greater extension of the fun that day it was time to get the kids homeward bound.  

Until next year on the beach my friends..

To Submit a review or story for consideration hit us at [email protected]

Check out the Live Music News and Facebook page for updates and announcements.

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