You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

Pioneer Valley Regional School

March 26-28 2015 Northfield, MA


For three performances, the kids at Pioneer Valley Regional School breathed life into the classic musical, Your a Good Man Charlie Brown.  Under the direction of Mandy Oliver, with the assistance of Kimberly Rose, students prepared for months for these shows.

The play was far more musical than I remembered, though the last time I saw it I was a mere boy of likely five or six years.  The lead role of Charlie Brown was played with both the sadness and hopeful attitude needed by high school senior Kevin Hadsel.  His twin sister, Kristina played possibly the other most memorable role in the play, Snoopy.  Each had ample opportunity to showcase their singing and comedic timing.

Taking his turn as Linus was Dana McRae who had great comedic timing and showcased a charming lisp throughout his lines.  Senior Tim Kang was memorable as Schroeder aptly interacting and fending off Lucy as played by Annalise Holesovsky, who is the sophomore daughter of band musical director Mr Nathan Holesovsky.  

The play featured many more players too though including a whole troupe of Woodstocks, and ensemble players from all the grades at the school, seven through twelve.  The amount of effort and concentration that the students needed to practice this play with its multitude of songs and dances must have been significant, and their efforts paid off with a great performance.

There were moments of unexpected complication including the scene with Charlie Brown and the kite that provided levity and the exact type of schroederunknown that you expect out of a high school production.  But the kids persevered and were able to turn a mishap into a charming connection between performers and audience.  

It has been nearly fifty years since this production was launched and the music of Clark Gesner coupled with the beloved characters created by Charles Schulz still resonates with audiences.  “In an interview with Schulz, he mentioned how happy and proud he was when his show was created, because he was finally able to witness people’s reactions and hear people laughing at his jokes.  He wanted to know that his work was reaching and connecting to his audience.”

Everyone should be rightfully proud of their accomplishments on a fine rendition of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  


Charlie Brown               Kevin Hadsel

Sally Brown                   Elizabeth Sweeney

Lucy Van Pelt                Annalise Holesovsky

Linus Van Pelt               Dana McRae

Schroeder                      Tim Kang

Snoopy                          Kristina Hadsel

Pigpen                            Ken Keo

Peppermint Patty            Kayla Hubbard

Marcy                              Lane Roberts

Freida                             Colby Johnson

Violet                               Kaitlyn Norwood

Patty                                Annika Johnson

Peggy Jean                      Emma Langston

Charlotte Braun                Hannah Ray

Lydia                                 Kristen Cote

Lead Dance Ensemble        Kristen Cote, Natalie Foster, Alyssa Martin, Lane Roberts, Sydney Unaitis, Kayla Hubbard

Little Woodstocks               Natalie Foster, Sierra Jobst, Annika Johnson, Alyssa Martin, Sydney Unaitis, Zara Herviux

Support Ensemble              Sara Simon,  Ella Potee,  Mackenzie Griffin