blues travelerBlues Traveler

Red Rocks Morrison CO

4th of July

by Heather Sherman  Art2Eat Cakes

Since 1994, Red Rocks, 4th of July, and Blues Traveler have been coming together to make explosive performances. This time around was no different! The skies opened and chased off the heat of the day far in advance of the show. Uncle Kracker, Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray did a great job, adding to the lovely flavor of the evening, setting the chill mood for the musical meal to come.

Blues Traveler started with a few random songs, opening with the fan-required and oh-so-familiar “Star Spangled Banner” harmonica jam by dear Mr. Popper, along with a personal favorite, Travelers’ rendering of “Devil Went Down to Georgia”. Spine-chilling and dance-making! They then went on to perform their classic album “Four” in its entirety! LOVE! The crowd freaked out upon this announcement, and many voices could be heard singing “Runaround”.

blues traveler cake

I personally feel Red Rocks 4th of July is truly a venue for the Blues Traveler ‘uberfan’, as one can always count on hearing something cool and unusual. This year I thought “Crash Burn” and “Brother John” particularly rocked, but the whole sound and feel of the show was just delightful. “Mountains Win Again” was particularly sweet. The Crowd was so happy and friendly. And, as always, firework shows from all over the Denver Metro area provided an exploding colorful backdrop to the show, to the east and above the stage.

This was actually the 3rd year I was able to deliver a specialty 3D sculpted cake to the band, (featuring Black Cat Jam and Lady Liberty on a Firework Rocket!), but I have been attending this wonderful event since 1995. Things change over the years, but Traveler on the 4th at Red Rocks is always just one of those unmatched, timeless experiences. I would strongly recommend it – the synergy is truly amazing. It is a great way to celebrate the Vitality and Independence that is the Spirit of America.

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Check out the song Sweet Pain from their performance at Red Rocks in 2011: