This is a tune called “Children Of Production” by Parliament Funkadelic played by The Nephrok! Allstars as an intro to our set at ‘Rock N Roll Resort 1.5 (A Thanksgiving Affair)’ November 26th 2011 in Kerhonkson, NY. Check out the article previewing the next R&R Resort here: Allstar line-up on this gig. So much talent on one stage, it reminded me of Parliament Funkadelic, so I dedicated this set to them. We played plenty of our own original music, but definitely gave up the “P” for a room full of Funkateers and Nephrok! fans. Nephrok!-Lead Vox, Kit Holliday-Bkg Vox, Lindsay Lucas-Bkg Vox, Jeffrey Lockhart-Guitar, Van Martin-Guitar, Wes Santo-Bass, Peter MacLean-Drums, Ben Zecker-Keys, Sam Kininger-Alto Sax, Eric Bloom-Trumpet, Eric Schindler-Tenor Sax, Ben Smeltzer-Trombone