March 11, 2024 The Bellwether Photos by A Rood Photography and words by Lawrence Mann

Florry, hailing from Philadelphia gushed they were overwhelmed to be playing and visiting Los Angeles for the first time.  The seven members, dressed Echo Park chic and had a fine grasp of Americana.

New Jersey’s Real Estate entered the stage with no fanfare.  They just got down to business, playing extremely ear pleasing music.  Hearing them live allows to really experience every nuance; the heavy bass licks, Matt’s keyboards filling out their sound and Martin’s pitch-perfect voice.  

What appears to be easily accessible rock songs are actually more complex than your average indie rock band. Real Estate can sound dreamy, jangly, and psychedelic, from one song to the next, sometimes in the same song.  The fact that they have been friends since childhood shows in their cohesiveness.  After 6 albums, they, like War On Drugs, play like a well-oiled machine.  Bass player, Alex Bleeker mused that they can only afford side musicians for a couple of songs.  This was directly after Fred Armisen joined the band on percussion for a half a dozen songs.

Check out the full gallery of photos by A Rood Photography here.

Set List:

Somebody New




Water Underground

Talking Backwards

Freeze Brain with Fred Armisen

Darling with Fred Armisen

Crime with Fred Armisen

The Bend with Fred Armisen

You with Fred Armisen

Paper Cup with Fred Armisen

Haunted World

Say No More



All The Same


It’s Real


Undone: The Sweater Song (Weezer cover with Fred Armisen)

Had To Hear with Fred Armisen

Check out the full gallery of photos by A Rood Photography here.

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