By Mark Kaye

Jun 10, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of attending the annual benefit for Pach outreach at the new Taffeta Music venue in Lowell, Massachusetts, where the talented guitarist Marc Ford put on yet another unforgettable performance. This was his fourth year playing for the event, and I must say that his set was nothing short of stunning and astounding.

Watching Marc Ford play guitar is truly a sight to behold – he makes it look effortless as if it’s an extension of his own body. His passion, precision, and creativity combine to produce a sound that leaves everyone in the audience in awe. It’s easy to see why many think that he is the best guitarist alive today!

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When attending a Marc Ford show it’s hard to pick out a standout track as all of his songs are standouts both lyrically and musically. The shaking “Devils in the Details” from The Vulture LP put smiles on fans’ faces and had everyone dancing to the beat as well as reflecting on the lyrics.

It’s not just the technical mastery that stands out about Marc Ford’s performances; it’s the emotional depth that he brings to every song that makes it a truly unforgettable experience. He played effortlessly, bringing together elements of blues, jazz, and rock, captivating the audience and taking us on an emotional journey with every note.

“I’m Free” from his Holy Ghost album took on a new meaning for the fans that jammed into this most friendly new music hall. It was the first time these fans traveled from all over the country to congregate since covid locked down most venues across the world. The fans felt free to shake, rattle and roll as Marc and his band’s performance felt carefree and loose as each song took off to heavenly destinations.

from the video channel of K T

The band which once again featured the multi-talented and affable Berry Duane Oakley on bass and legendary drummer Phil Jones tightened up the rhythm for the scorching set closer “Smoke Signals” which made a perfect segue for a rousing three-song encore of Neil Young covers showcasing Marc’s latest release with Phil Jones “Neil Songs”.

As someone who has seen Mr. Ford perform several times now, I can honestly say that Marc Ford is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen, and I implore anyone who appreciates great music to see him.

Rocking opener Boston’s Garden of Hedon blazed through a steamy 35-minute set which included standouts the Zeppelinesque “A Shadow of Time” and the vintage “Love and Light” which brought out a show-stopping guest appearance by Marc Ford on the slide guitar. Marc also plays on the studio recording for their forthcoming EP “Forbidden Fruit” and Garden is a band to watch out for as they grow their repertoire of retro sounds.

from the video channel of K T

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