A Groovy Night of Indie Jams in Show-hio. June 27 2023 Columbus OH. By Katie Daly.

The Indie-Groove band, Goose, played Kemba! Live in Columbus on June 27. The band drew in over 4,000 of their dedicated Ohio fans, that they refer to as “Show-hio,” on a Tuesday night. Goose delivered a performance that left fans captivated from start to finish.

Goose took to the stage around 8PM, unleashing a wave of energy across the lawn of the venue. With bass player, Trevor, rocking his Canadian tuxedo, the band kicked it off with their rendition of Wes Montgomery’s “Switchin’.” I spent the first portion of the show next to world-renowned host of the Great Beyond Podcast, Bruce Robinson, and managed to snag an exclusive quote mid-opener: “YEEEAAAAHHHH!”

Jon Lombardi AKA Coach, came out to showcase his mastery of the rainstick, during the following “Honeybee.” Slowing down the electrifying melodies, Goose skillfully transitioned into one of my favorites, “The Old Man’s Boat.” Nestled into my pocket of friends during “Hungersite,” the jam felt identical to a warm hug… on the beach.

Following a brief intermission, Goose opened with “Into the Myst,” and led into the best “Arcadia” I have personally experienced. Each song seamlessly melded into the next, creating a cohesive and immersive experience. Once the sun came down, Andrew Geode’s masterful lighting design could really shine. Geode’s artistic vision mirrored the ebb and flow of tie-dyed fabric, creating a psychedelic glow that perfectly complemented the band’s sound.

Goose’s performance at Kemba! Live was nothing short of magical. The band’s ability to captivate audiences with their genre-bending music and infectious energy is a testament to their growing popularity. Show-hio once again proved their unwavering support for this rising sensation, showcasing the vibrant and passionate music community in Ohio.

Find tickets and stay up to date on all things Goose at goosetheband.com

Goose – KEMBA Live! Setlist
Columbus, Ohio 6/27/23

Set 1:
Switchin’ (1)
Honeybee (2)
Atlas Dogs >
Jive I >
Time to Flee (3)>
Jive Lee
The Old Man’s Boat
Hungersite >
Rosa Lee McFall (4)

Set 2:
Into the Myst (5) >
Rosewood Heart >
Dripfield (5) >
Slow Ready

(1) – Wes Montgomery
(2) – Coach on rain stick
(3) – Album version (no jam)
(4) – Charlie Monroe – LTP Full-Band 8/8/19, Otus Supply, Ferndale, MI
(5) – Unfinished

From the video channel of The Tonight Show

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