The Echo in Los Angeles welcomed the viral star on June 11, 2023. By Harriet Kaplan

Nashville, TN-based singer/songwriter corook writes excellent, memorable songs that are like precious little gems with some deep and profound truths about being gay, online bullying, mental health issues, emotional traumas, and pondering getting older. This is not to say that transgender-themed songs are not light or funny, but there are aspects that are whimsical, which are also delightful: “If I Were a Fish” is corook’s big breakout song with a positive message. This song accumulated 2.9 million likes on Tiktok since its debut in April of this year. In addition, The video has accumulated 18.4 million views, and 25.1 thousand other videos created by other users using the song. Their partner singer/songwriter Olivia Barton is featured on the track and is in the accompanying video.

Daisy Flores

Currently, on a national tour promoting their EP,  Serious Person (Part 1), corook made a stop in L.A. at the Echo for a sold-out show. corook had the enthusiastic audience in the palm of their hands as they sang along to every number. Fans even chimed in out loud with comments of their own, as corook spoke from the stage between numbers. There was a strong connection as the concertgoers felt they really knew and understood corook, seeing themselves in the singer. corook was very natural, self-effacing, and glib and expressed themselves in a way that seemed performing came second nature to them. corook also appeared humbled and graciously acknowledged the massive turnout at this well-received show. Ironically, it was Pride Weekend and the singer shouted gleefully “Happy Pride” to the crowd, too. Unabashedly saying they themselves are a lesbian. corook performed on keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, and kazoo. They are adept on all instruments and have a really nice melodic voice.

Daisy Flores

Olivia Barton who is opening for corook on this tour duetted with corook live and sang “if i were a wish” too strong fanfare. ”serious person,” “hell yeah,” “Tiny little titties”, ”the grass is blue” and “ok getting old” from the 12-song set really showcased the depth, breadth, wit, and wisdom of corook. They are an artist with the talent to be around for the long haul penning material that has instant classics written all over them. If you want to find more information about corook and their upcoming tour, you can find them on TikTok @hicoroc

Daisy Flores


June 25
Nashville Pride Festival 2023
Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park
Nashville, TN, US

June 29- 02
Barn on the Farm 2023
Over Farm
Gloucester, UK

July 04
London, UK

September 05
Vinyl at Center Stage
Atlanta, GA, US

September 09
Washington, DC, US

September 11
The Foundry
Philadelphia, PA, US

September 14
Bowery Ballroom
New York (NYC), NY, US

September 15
Middle East – Upstairs
Cambridge, MA, US

September 16
Ausgang Plaza
Montreal, QC, Canada

September 17
Longboat Hall
Toronto, ON, Canada

September 19
Pittsburgh, PA, US

September 21
Schubas Tavern
Chicago, IL, US

September 23
The Blue Room
Nashville, TN, US

September 26
Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox
Denver, CO, US

September 27
Salt Lake City, UT, US

September 28
Shrine Ballroom
Boise, ID, US

September 30
Tacoma, WA, US

October 01
Seattle, WA, US

October 02
Polaris Hall
Portland, OR, US

October 05
Café du Nord
San Francisco, CA, US

October 07
The Roxy
Los Angeles (LA), CA, US

October 09
San Diego, CA, US

October 11
The Rebel Lounge
Phoenix, AZ, US

October 12
Club Congress
Tucson, AZ, US

October 15
Austin City Limits Music Festival 2023
Austin City Limits
Austin, TX, US

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