Words by Michelle Nati, Photos by Stevo Rood

Wet Leg made their L.A. debut playing two sold-out nights without a full-length album under their belt. Yes, the buzz on this band is that hot. The five-member group hails from the Isle of Wight and is about to make a considerable impact on indie rock as we know it. Their catchy debut single, “Chaise Longue,” went viral in June 2021 and wasn’t just a one-off. They followed it with an equally addictive second single, “Wet Dream,” in September, and soon, the States came calling.

Not only are their songs fun and replete with memorable hooks and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the band, led by Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, are clearly enjoying themselves on stage. They don’t take themselves too seriously and appeared as surprised by their sudden success as the audience was, not that it isn’t warranted. All the members, including guitarist/keyboardist Josh Mobaraki, drummer Henry Holmes, and bassist Ellis Durand, exchanged glances and giggles between songs that said, “I can’t believe we’re HERE.” It was obvious that they were having a blast. At the same time, it was apparent to the audience that it was witnessing the beginning of something big.

Wet Leg’s sound has elements of Elastica, Sonic Youth and Lush, but they’re nowhere near as dour as those bands could be in their heyday. (It was the ’90s, after all.) They played a few shows in New York before their arrival on the West Coast and were in top form during their 45 minute-set when they hit the stage at the Moroccan. There was no encore, as they probably don’t have all their live material fully worked out yet, but by the time they return in March 2022, they’ll surely be more to enjoy.

Indie rock needed a breath of fresh air breathed into it, and Wet Leg are poised to be just that. Stay tuned.

Set List:

Too Late Now
It’s Not Fun
Ur Mom
Wet Dream
Loving You
Oh No
Being in Love
Chaise Longue

Not from this show, but from this tour:

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