Greensky Bluegrass 30 May 2021 Frederick MD

by Mark Raker- This is Mark’s first review with us, and he supplies the words as well as these great photos.

It might be a tad too early to say our Long COVID Winter has fully ended, but last Sunday’s Greensky Bluegrass show at the Frederick Showtime at the Drive-In gave a great taste of what normal can be again.  Hugs are back, as is dancing with elbows banging, and Greensky gave us a great occasion to get out and do both. 

After two nights of cold rain, sometimes heavy, fans got a great show, closing out a three night run at the Frederick Fairgrounds.   It had been since January 2020 that I got to see the band in nearby DC, and I certainly didn’t feel like they had missed a note and were as tight as ever. 

Anders Beck summed it up by saying how genuinely emotional it is for them to be back in front of fans, and sell-out capacity at that, as it’s a family experience for the band.  Not much highlighted that more by having Kristine and Ellen there to each celebrate their 100th GSBG performance.

Stay tuned as Greensky Bluegrass are scheduled to return to the area at nearby Hot August Music Festival August 28th, in Cockeysville, MD.


Set 1:
Wish I Didn’t Know >
Courage for the Road
Room Without a Roof
Fixin To Ruin >
Train Junkie
A Letter to Seymour
Last Winter in the Copper Country >
Bring Out Your Dead

Set 2:
The Four >
It’s Not Mine Anymore
Fa Sho, Uh Huh
What You Need
Murder of Crows
Second That Emotion
Wings for Wheels
Leap Year
Into the Mystic

Notes:  This show was Ellen’s and Kristine’s 100th GSBG performance.  Congrats!

OK, this video is from May 29th with Chris Jacobs… so a different night but still a fun watch:

From the video channel of zaeger

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