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The American pianist and producer Robert Glasper is a take it all star who will not stop stirring masses with his musical charms. Glasper has received 7 Grammy award nominations and gone further to win three of the Grammy awards and one Emmy.

The album that landed him on one of the Grammy awards was his five album, Black Radio, which was released in 2012. The award was issued during the 55th Grammy Awards and was given the title best R&B album.

The Jazz, Hip Hop and R&B icon Robert Glasper was born in 1978 in his hometown of Houston, Texas. The award-winning artist began performing in theatres in 2004, after releasing his mainly piano trio album Mood. His love of jazz was mostly influenced by his mother, Yvette, a professional Jazz & Blues singer and music director at East Wind Baptist. Glasper accompanied his mother for club concerts and these experiences molded the youngster into a full-time Jazz pianist.

Robert Glasper’s Canvas, an original hits album released in 2005 in which Glasper played his electric piano on 3 tracks was released by the historic Blue Notes Records. His interest’s start was Glasper’s tenth grade Jazz team, which performed at Texas University. This early years’ jazz and R&B exposure helped him to stand out and begin his journey into performance and production.

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Glasper’s entertainment catalog is full of classic recordings. He has to date produced 8 albums and 5 singles making a total of 13 releases, a commendable accomplishment for any artist. Glasper has to date forty-two releases which include twenty-four compilations, six mixes, two singles, nine albums, and one miscellaneous release which is an impressive number for any artist, especially one of his age.

The modern jazz and lead instrumentalist Robert Glasper has his library of songs overflowing, some dating as early as 2004 and some as late as 2019. His most impressive year was 2018 when he showcased a full catalog whose contents were more than twelve rap collaborations, 2 group albums, and countless bestselling records.

His oldest releases date back from 2004 to 2007 titles Mood, Canvas, and In My Element. His latest tracks are Art Science, the hit album Fuck Yo Feelings and Dinner Party, all released in 2016, 2019, and 2020 respectively.

Hit songs include “A Letter of the Tree,” “Black American,” “Valleys,” “The Right,” and “Freeze Tag”. Rumors point that he has a dozen more resting in his composer’s handbook.

Glasper’s talent has not gone unnoticed and he now has his a bucket full of awards. Speaking in one of the awarding events, Glasper said, ‘My marriage is not to jazz – my marriage is to myself, my techniques and all that I produce.” His recognition truly began in 2012 when he was nominated for the Best Urban Alternative Performer. It was followed by another nomination in 2012 for the Best R&B performer that led to a win later the same year when his Black Radio album took center stage.

Other life-changing nominations and awards include: 2014 best traditional R&B performer and nominations for best R&B 2nd album black radio, then on to 2015 nominations of best jazz instrumental album covered and 2016 best compilation track miles ahead. It is not clear what other award-winning surprises he might get into soon.

The American recording artist has not just perfected in Jazz and R&B, he has crossed his boundaries and ventured into the pool of hip-hop, soul, and neo-soul. He has also made some touches of rhymes and blues and contemporary soul making him an all-rounded artist who’s ready to test the taste of music in different genres.

Glasper’s roots are traceable to a music-loving mother, Yvette. He didn’t forfeit his mother’s teaching but has continually perfected them. His future looks bright – Robert Glasper is surely set to shine the stars brighter and will continue moving crowds with his performances.

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