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The music industry has produced gems, one after the other in every generation. And one of those gems is that of Elton John who is nothing less than a musical prodigy. The genius has rounded fifty long years in the industry and is now all set for a life after retirement. And that is why, perhaps now is the best time to look back at the golden career of this prodigy and reflect on how smoothly he snuck the classical instrument of piano into the mainstream of Rock and Roll.

Elton John is a musician of great stature, and his record-breaking success would corroborate for the statement we just put forth. With this view in mind, we shall now look into the fifty-year legacy of this genius and trace the ways in which he incorporated piano into the rock and roll industry.

The Peak of His Career:

It is imperative that we speak about the peak of this man’s career if we are to throw some light on his whole musical span. Though he was at his peak for most of his career, his best years could be said to be through the 1970s and 1980s. He has a number of ground-breaking records to his name, like the ‘Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player,’ ‘Elton John,’ ‘Captain Fantastic,’ and several others. And a string of hit songs followed throughout the entirety of his musical career. However, if you have to know, it is not just because of his oeuvre that made him famous; it is also because of the kind of influence he had on people with his music. His music shaped genres and built several lives. Therefore, if one has to remember him, it is not just with his body of work, but the impact he had on the music industry.

Plus, the most noteworthy feat of this musical genius is that he managed to infuse the genre of rock and roll with soft and classy tunes of the piano. And needless to say, he did a marvellous job at that. No one else in the industry could ever think of mixing up two completely different genres, from two ends of the musical spectrum, like he did. This was a feat that was only possible to be achieved by Elton John himself.

Elton John and Piano:

Replicating the music of Elton John on the piano is not an easy task. It is incredibly difficult to play the piano parts of Elton John’s music even with the most of practice on your Yamaha keyboard. This is so because the piano parts are often used as counters to his vocals which run high notes and flourishes in a quintessential Elton John style. The song ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ could be used as an example to view this statement. He played this song live in 2009 and showcased some amazing piano playing skills with his smooth arpeggiated flow and usage of some funky octaves. Another example of his genius as a pianist can be heard in the song ‘Take Me to the Pilot.’ Even the most seasoned of pianists might find it challenging to play the counter tunes as can be heard in this song as sharply as Elton John himself. But the maestro was flawless here too. As soon as you finish reading this article, you must make it a point to listen to this celebrated song from the 1970s again, especially if you are an aspiring musician yourself.

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Elton John as a Composer:

How many of you really knew the man for all the talent that he encompassed in his career spanning over fifty years? One of his most important roles in the music industry, apart from influencing the genre of rock and roll, was as a composer. Elton John did not write the lyrics of all his songs, nor did he compose the music for all of them. But some of the very famous songs are written and composed by him. Plus, if you did not already know this, let it come to you as a surprise that the most loved Disney movie, Lion King, saw Elton John as a composer. We all grew up watching the movie and grooving to its inspiring music. But little did all of us know that it was none other than Elton John who composed the score.

Wrapping the Fifty Golden Years Up:

It takes no special mention to realize what a living legend Elton John is. He did not just reinvent the styles of piano, but also managed to bring in the elements of classical piano into the mainstream of rock and roll. For all those who study music and the piano more so, Elton John is an institution and must be studied to the last letter. 

Career Accomplishments:

Achieved Seven Consecutive #1 Albums
Knighthood and Companion of Honour
Named the Top Male Solo Artist of All Time
Inducted Into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Five Grammy Awards
Countless awards including the Kennedy Center, Golden Globe, Academy Award, Brit Award, American Music Award, Tony Award, MTv Music Award, and countless others.

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