Listen to their reimagined Version of “America the Beautiful

Folk pop duo, The Nields premiere their reworked version of “America the Beautiful” from their forthcoming full length LP, November on American Songwriter alongside an essay penned by Nerissa for the occasion. Sisters Nerissa and Katryna are joined by Dar Williams, Chris Smither, Peter Mulvey, Vance Gilbert, Ben Demerath, and Kalliope Jones (a young band which includes Katryna’s daughter) to perform a reimagined, “America The Beautiful.” Lyrics have been tinkered with to reflect what today’s poets might hope for our country, and the voices of The Nields,’ their friends, and family join together in tribute to the country they love and call home.

“I have always loved “America the Beautiful,” says Nerissa, “and wished it were our national anthem. The anthem is lush, singable, poetically powerful, and inclusive. While the term “brotherhood” is dated (we prefer “And crown thy good in neighborhoods”), the sentiment is an explicit invitation for all of us to treat each other like family. Katryna and I were raised on the music of activists and hopeful dreamers of the 1960s. When we decided to make our living as musicians, we knew that we wanted to bring the hope and connection we experienced at Pete Seeger concerts into our shows and our songwriting. I am a big believer in art for art’s sake, but the music that most moves me is the kind that feels like it was written to open the hearts and minds of listeners, to inspire them to join in, sing along, and perhaps begin to live with greater purpose.”

“Music has the power to persuade the heart when all else fails… We’re hoping that the many voices calling for beauty, kindness, justice, and mercy, will once again confirm our liberties in law. This song is The Nields adding our voices to the mix.”

The first single from November, “Tyrants Always Fall,” was written the day before the 2017 inauguration and it has come to be known as the “Resistance Anthem” in many of The Nields’ circles.

The Nields have been lighting up the indie circuit since 1991, originally traveling the continent as a five-piece band. Today, Nerissa and Katryna perform as a duo. With 20 albums, major and independent record and publishing deals, performances with 10,000 Maniacs, The Band, James Taylor, and the Indigo Girls, The Nields have lived the Rock & Roll life. The Nields have been lauded for their gorgeous, lilting, sibling harmonies, their wise, classic, folk/pop songs, their hilarious banter on stage, and their generosity and warmth in performance and engagement with their fans. Their latest album, November is full of songs inspired by the headlines. Though the songs tackle critical issues––the climate crisis (“The Kids Always Get It”), the situation at the border (“Goodbye, Mexico,” “Jesus Was a Refugee”), the fragility of our democracy (“America the Beautiful”)––the message of hope pulses through each track, a strong and steady heartbeat.

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