The Legendary David Bromberg Quintet at the Lincoln Theatre Raleigh NC January 12 2020

Words by Courtney Wheeler Photos by Willa Stein

The triangle is no stranger to great touring acts, and Sunday’s nights near capacity crowd for the legendary David Bromberg Quintet at the Lincoln Theatre, was one for the history books. I couldn’t possibly count the number of shows I have seen at the Lincoln and the sound is always on point. This night was no exception, and Bromberg even commented on how good the room sounded and how much they enjoyed returning to Raleigh to perform at the venue.

Check out the full gallery of photos by Willa Stein here.

Having listened to a great deal of material but never seeing Bromberg live, I knew was in for a night of terrific music spanning multiple genres, but nothing could prepare me for the variety show that Bromberg and his stellar band put on that evening. The quintet was made up of Bromberg, Suavek Zanisienko on bass and vocals, Mark Cosgrove on guitar, mandolin and vocals, Nate Grower on fiddle, mandolin and vocals, and Josh Kanusky on drums and vocals. This lineup of mufti-instrumentalists means there is never a dull moment on stage.

Bromberg began the night with “Big Road” on slide guitar and switched between acoustic, slide and electric guitar seemingly with every song. The show consisted of many old tunes along with some new tracks set to release in April, as well as a beautiful reimagined version of “Diamond Lil” off the 1972 album Demon in Disguise, a highlight in a show full of highlights.

Other stand-out, magical moments include when the band came to the front of the stage for an acoustic version of “Will You Still Love me Tomorrow,” a beautiful instrumental with Bromberg, Cosgrove & Grower each on mandolin, as well as a cover of one of my all-time favorites, the Charlie Rich tune, “Who Will the Next Fool Be.”

Set List

  1. Big Road
  2. The First Time That Girl Quit Me
  3. The Loving Of the Game
  4. Who Will the Next Fool Be
  5. George, Merle or Conway
  6. The Hold Up
  7. Instrumental
  8. Just Because You Didn’t Answer
  9. Band Introductions
  10. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (unamplified) *
  11. Standing in the Need Of Prayer (single mic)
  12. Remington Ride
  13. Let the High Times Roll
  14. Buddy Brown
  15. Summer Wages
  16. Diamond Lil Encore
  17. Tongue
From the video channel of ETown

Check out the full gallery of photos by Willa Stein here.

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