August Hall, San Francisco, CA hosted The Band Camino October 5 2019

Check out the full gallery of photos from this night here.

The Band Camino brought their sold-out show to August Hall in San Francisco on Saturday, October 5th. It was the second time the group passed through San Francisco this year. They previously performed at Brick and Mortar, a venue that holds 250 people. Now, they are in front of a packed audience of 1,000 people, and I’m sure the crowds will continue to grow. In addition to the music, the band also provided a photo opportunity for fans to take a picture in front of a backdrop with the band’s name on it.

They started the night off with “Break Me” from their latest album Tryhard, which came out at the end of August. Before the band played “Farsighted” Spencer Stewart (Vocals, Guitar, Keys) talked about the group’s struggles as individuals and as a band and how far they have come. The band realizes that they tend to play a lot of sad songs, so they brightened the mood by playing “2/14” and encouraged everyone in the crowd to dance.

The crowd’s favorite song of the night was “I Spend Too Much Time in My Room,” which is the first song and single they released. The band had high stage energy and a great light show, which according to the group, was their favorite show in San Francisco thus far. The Band Camino finished the night with “Daphne Blue,” another song from their latest album.

The Band Camino is still on tour until November, so if you get the chance to see them, you should. But if you missed them this time around, don’t worry because this won’t be the last time you hear about them.

Check out the full gallery of photos from this night here.

TOUR DATES: POSTPONED until further notice.

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