Photo by Justine Willard

May 22 Lovelytheband August Hall San Francisco

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All photos by Justine Willard. Check out the full gallery of photos from that night here.

On Wednesday, May 22nd Lovelytheband brought their Finding It Hard To Smile Tour to the August Hall in San Francisco. The band consists of vocalist Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald, and drummer Sam Price.

To kick off the night they performed “Make You Feel Pretty” from their debut album Finding It Hard to Smile that was released in August of last year. There was a full crowd in attendance with their fans singing and dancing along to every song. Mitchy and Jordan talked about how it took each of the band members three flights just to make it to San Francisco in time for the concert because they missed their first plane.

During the night, they covered “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers, which really set the crowd off. Mitchy was embracing the energy, so he got off stage and started running up and down between the barrier and stage. At one point during the song, he also hopped on top of the divider with help from the crowd to make sure he didn’t fall.

As a special treat for older fans they played “Don’t Worry, You Will” a song from their first EP Everything I Could Never Say… released in September 2017. Mitchy then took a moment to talk about how they are pro LGBT and in support of Women’s Rights, and they believe that no man should be able to make decisions about a woman’s body. He also shared that the band recently played at a festival in Alabama and they hope to continue to use their voices to spread both good and love. After that, they slowed things down and sang “Filling a Void.”

For the last song, they played their hit song “Broken” which reached 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and was heard everywhere on the radio last year. The band came back out for an encore. During “Everything I Could Never Say… to You,” Mitchy got off the stage once again and started walking through the crowd and was hugging fans while still singing. To end their hour and a half set, they performed “These Are My Friends” which was the second single released from the Finding It Hard to Smile album.

After the song, they took a group picture in front of the crowd and threw their guitar picks and drumsticks to the fans. The band was super, and you could feel the energy radiating off of them. If you are looking for new music or are an indie fan, I would encourage you to try and see Lovelytheband while they are still on tour.

All photos by Justine Willard. Check out the full gallery of photos from that night here.

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