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    Chris Barron


    Performing live at the Rockwood Music Hall, New York City – January 16, 2019

    Review by Samantha Lynn – Photos by Mark Ashe

    The World Accordion to Chris 

    Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors played a solo show at Rockwood music hall on Wednesday January 16. The set list featured songs off his 2017 album Angels and One-Armed Jugglers. Barron almost appears to be from the singer/songwriter circus often crossing his legs making it look like he was standing on one foot. All while performing his own kind of balancing act, juggling jokes, story telling, a couple drinks and acoustic music. 

    He opened with The World Accordion to Garp, obviously referencing John Irving, who also has a habit of writing about circuses. Both Irving and Barron know how to tell a good story and how to keep an audience engaged. In his weathered leather converse Barron would smile through noticeably difficult guitar solos that made his performance even more endearing. Often joking that he had the power to make his songs easier and simpler. The banter was almost as enjoyable as the music, remarking that in order to be a super Spin Doctors fan you only needed to have purchased the Spin Doctors second album.  

    Barron played a couple of Spin Doctors songs, Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong and of course Two Princes. While I still can’t make out all the lyrics to 2 Princes, hearing the songs acoustically showed the strength of Barron’s songwriting and how timeless they’ve become. In true Chris Barron fashion he closed the show with an out of season Christmas tune. The audience hung on to every lyric and every word for a truly enjoyable night of music. 

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