Photo by Stevo Rood

The Belasco Los Angeles, CA

December 08 2018

Review by Michelle Nati

Photos by Stevo Rood /

There weren’t any glow sticks to herald the return of EDM band Orbital, but the sold-out crowd at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles was nonetheless entranced and on its collective feet throughout the latest musical reunion of British brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll in support of their ninth studio album, Monsters Exist, released in September 2018.

Even after a several-year break from performing and releasing new music, Orbital proved once again it remains one of EDM’s most masterful teams. Elements of Kraftwerk and prog pushed the beat forward in complex compositions that kept the audience dancing throughout the set. About 60 percent of the material during the show came from Monsters Exist—a critically acclaimed album in its own right and one the best Orbital has ever produced.

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The remaining songs were well-known favorites from Orbital’s ’90s heyday including “SATAN,” and “Halcyon On and On” as well as crowd-pleasing versions of “Heaven Is  Place On Earth,” and the “Doctor Who” theme. (Audience calls for “The Box,” as close to a hit single as Orbital have ever had, went unheeded.) A hypnotizing light and video show accompanied the beats.

Rave on!


Monsters Exist
There Will Come A Time
Tiny Foldable Cities
Hoo Hoo Ha Ha

Vision On E

Where Is It Going
The End is Nigh
Doctor Who

A full gallery of photos is located here.