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    The Damned Fonda November 2018

    The Damned
    Fonda Theatre Los Angeles CA
    November 02 2018
    review by Michelle Nati
    Photos by Stevo Rood

    Despite the fact that the Damned were the first ever UK punk band to release a single and album and tour the US, they never got the recognition of many of their contemporaries. Yet, 42 years later, they are one of the few first wave punk bands left standing and with good reason—they still enjoy being the Damned.

    A full gallery of photos from this show is located here.

    Nowhere was this more evident than at a recent show at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood on November 2. The group performed with the same relentless vigor that they had when punk was still in its infancy.
    Frontman Dave Vanian’s resonant voice was bigger than ever as he plowed through a few songs from the Damned’s most recent offerings from Evil Spirits (produced by Tony Visconti and released earlier this year) and classics including “New Rose,” “Love Song,” and “Neat, Neat, Neat,” among many others.

    The Damned’s only other original member, Captain Sensible, gleefully hammed it up, playing off of Vanian’s elegance, much to the expectation and joy of the audience who were breathlessly left wanting more by the end of the

    set. Bassist Stu West, drummer Pinch, and keyboardist Monty Oxymoron rounded out the group, and while they are not original members, they’ve been in the Damned for several years, and perfectly maintain the band’s rhythmic foundation.  
    The setlist:

    Born to Kill
    Plan 9 Channel 7
    Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Lively Arts
    Silly Kids Games
    Devil In Disguise
    Stranger On The Town
    13th Floor Vendetta
    We’re So Nice
    Love Song
    1 of the 2
    New Rose
    Neat Neat Neat
    Curtain Call
    Street of Dreams
    Smash It Up

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