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Phil & Friends w/Jimmy Herring & Terrapin Family Band Capitol Theater, Port Chester NY November 02 2018
by Edward S Zuckerman

From the video channel of infraredruby2

In a total last minute call yesterday, my buddy David invited me to join him for a journey out to the Capitol Theater in Port Chester NY for “Phil & Friends” featuring Jimmy Herring and the Terrapin Family band. This was night number three of his Halloween run.  The band that night was:  Phil Lesh (bass), Ross James (guitar), Grahame Lesh (guitar), Alex Koford (guitar), Jason Crosby (keyboards), Nathan Graham (drums), Elliott Peck (vocals), and Jimmy Herring (guitar).

The Terrapin Family Band is the house band for Phil’s “Terrapin Crossroads” out in CA, which he plays with all the time. (The band also includes at least one of his sons who plays lead guitar). He just imported his band to his “other home” at the Cap Theater, so the east coast could see what he’s been up to. This time with special guest, Jimmy Herring.

We bought a pair of balcony tickets on the street for a few dollars below face. The show wasn’t sold out. We probably could’ve scored cheaper seats if we decided to play that game, but we opted for the sure thing. I was a hardcore Phil Lesh & Friends fan for many years, but I sort of drifted away as his “friends” were sometimes kind of “meh.” It was nice to check back in to see it.
Clearly, the TFB has matured quite a bit and does a great job allowing Phil to do what he does. It was so nice to be “back in the Phil Zone.”

He’s just absolutely incredible on the bass (but you knew that already). It was also great to see Jimmy Herring again, who is a mindblowing monster of a musician. I did find the arrangement to be rather busy with 4 guitarists onstage. Sometimes there was so much going on, that I wished for more opportunities for Jimmy Herring to shine. All in all, I was charmed by what they were doing, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the show.  I am kind of kicking myself for taking such a long break from Phil Lesh & Friends. It was also nice to revisit the Cap Theater. It’s a good reminder that it’s really not too much work to get there (1:20 for me). Low stress, easy to do. So much less effort and cost than a NYC excursion. I have to remember to go to more shows there, and not decline due to “it’s far!” excuses! By the way, we ate at a wonderful Peruvian restaurant 2 blocks away, called MISTI. It is a clean place with good service and great food at reasonable prices. I’d go back there again in a heartbeat. This show had a very inventive, powerhouse setlist with some unexpectedly cool covers.


Set 1: Jack Straw – GL/RJ Cassidy – AK/EP Cumberland Blues – GL/EP/PL Bird Song – PL/EP No More Do I – GL > Sultans Of Swing – RJ Atlantic City – AK Music Never Stopped – RJ/EP

Set 2: China Cat Sunflower – AK Playin’ In The Band – GL New Potato Caboose – PL Born Crosseyed – GL Dear Mr Fantasy – AK The Wheel – PL/AK/EP Dark Star – GL/AK/PL St. Stephen – GL/EP/PL The Eleven – All St. Stephen – PL/GL/EP Morning Dew – AK

E: Slipknot! Samson & Delilah – RJ @ The Capitol Theatre

From the November 01 show from the  video channel of mrcharlie21:

From the November 01 show, from the video channel of simos

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