Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band Iridium NYC December 13, 2017

Story by Sharon Budman Photos and videos by Sharon Budman and Eric Gettler Photography

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From the channel of 31-30 Creative Arts Marketing’s video channel.:

It has been quite a rough and sad year for Allman Brothers Band fans with the passing of former drummer Butch Trucks (January 24, 2017) and then the iconic founding member Gregg Allman (May 27, 2017) and with those deaths died the possibility of an Allman Brothers Band reunion. The band took its final bow on October 28, 2014 at the Beacon Theater NYC.

Jaimoe, a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band and legendary drummer, continues to carry the torch. Tonight’s performance included several Allman Brothers tunes along with some soulful blues and originals.

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Jaimoe’s Jasssz band consists of extremely talented musicians in addition to the highly acclaimed award winning Drummer, Jaimoe. Brian Charette – Keyboard, Organ David Stoltz – Bass Junior Mack – Guitar, Vocals Kris Jensen – Baritone & Tenor Sax, Percussion, Backing Vocals Reggie Pittman – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Percussion

The band took the stage at approximately 8:30pm to a rather packed house. This band was on fire tonight, clearly feeding off of each other’s energy.  Being this was their last show of 2017 at the Iridium, there was definitely something special in the air (other than the below-freezing temps); you could just feel it. They were having a great time and warmed the hearts of all of the attendees with their more than soulful, bluesy sounds and vocals. The attendees were just eating it up. The set list consisted of a fine mix of Allman Brothers Band tunes, originals, and some blues covers all intertwined into one fantastic show. As customary at a Jaimoe’s Jasssz band show, each musician had their spotlight solo moments featuring their tremendous talent… and then there was Jaimoe’s solo.  The band members basically cleared the center of the stage and all of the focus was on Jaimoe as he went into his solo drumming; he has his own style, slow and steady, and plays in his own unique way.  Then the musicians all joined back together.    

Always a highlight of every show is when Jaimoe speaks directly to the audience and everyone intently listens.

Sharon Budman

Tonight, he shared a very special story which he described as a recent conversation he had with his friend, the only other living Founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, “Forrest Richard Betts.” Jaimoe told us that he had heard that Richard had announced that he was going to do ten (10) gigs next year. So Jaimoe said he called him on the phone and said “Hey man, I see where you’re gonna go out and do something, (Jaimoe then told us ‘now I am talking to the machine – as Richard don’t answer his phone; he don’t like talking on it. I was surprised it wasn’t full of messages saying that it was full’) He explained his conversation continued saying, “man if you are gonna do that, Happy Birthday tomorrow (which was the 12th), and go ahead on out there and play man, that is what you are supposed to be doing, that’s what you do best, go on out there and do it.”

From the video channel of Eric Gettler Photography.:

Jaimoe seemed genuinely thrilled and went on to tell us, “So he announced yesterday that he was gonna go out and do it – and I said “Right ON Richard.”  Jaimoe then told us all:  “When the old boy comes around, ya’ll go out there and enjoy him.”  It was such a special personal story he shared with us.  Remember, there was just something special in the air tonight. The band broke into the bluesy “Black Cat Bone” and then finished the set with another original composition, Dilemma.  

After receiving a standing ovation, the band cleared the stage with Jaimoe, lagging behind, egging on the audience to continue its applause to bring the rest of the band back on stage… as he could just play all night. Moments later they all came back out and gracing us again and wowing the crowd with a beautiful encore performance of another Allman Brothers classic, “Melissa.”

It’s always a fantastic show with Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band, leaving us yearning for more. Such a special evening and what a treat it was. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience one of their shows in 2017 at the Iridium, the good news for you is that their monthly residency at the Iridium NYC has been renewed. Catch the first show of the 2018 residency scheduled for January 17, 2018 @ 8:30pm. The Road Goes On Forever…

Set List  (may not be complete or the correct order, email us if you have a better set list!): Leavin’ Trunk Born Under a Bad Sign Elizabeth Reed Ain’t Wastin Time No More Jaimoe solo Blue Sky Black Cat Bone Dilemma   e: Melissa

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