Ziontific 2017 lineup

ZIONTIFIC Summer Solstice Music Festival welcomes new family members with open arms, returning to Prospect Mountain Ski Area in Woodford, VT for the second year from June 16-19, 2017 To submit a review or story for consideration hit us at [email protected] Check out the Live Music News and Review.com Facebook page for updates and announcements. From the Ziontific YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iscxKTPn4Os Ziontific Productions will host their 7th annual Summer Solstice Music Festival from June 16-19, 2017 in Woodford, VT. Festivalgoers are excited about the return to Prospect Mountain Ski Area for the second year, after the big move in 2016. Last year’s attendees were raving about the trail system located on the new property and enamored of the spectacular views from the mountaintop. In a world where large venues and festivals can become overwhelming and not suitable for children, Ziontific continues to stay true to their family-oriented roots. The organizers pride themselves by putting on one of the few festivals where, in their view, kids can actually be kids.

“After becoming new parents this year ourselves, we’re even more invested in reinforcing the kid-friendly aspect of the event.” – Ziontific Co-founders

For those who like to get to know the artists on a personal level, this is the place for you. Most of the bands pack up their entire family and spend the whole weekend relaxing right alongside the attendees. With a musical focus on reggae, funk and conscious hip-hop, Ziontific has introduced a unique sound to the regional festival scene. From up-and-comers to internationally touring acts, they’ve been known to put together the most energetic, inspirational, educational, and uplifting musical experience to kick off your summer right. Each and every one of the bands on the line-up has a positive message to spread. Fresh new acts added to the family this year include: The Expanders (CA) • Tomorrows Bad Seeds (CA) • The Late Ones (HI) • Roots of a Rebellion (TN) • STL GLD (MA) • UZOO (CT) • Trouble City All-Stars (PA) • Binger (VT) • Yesai (MA) • Slack Tide (MA) • Cultural Chemistry (VT) • DapperascaL (CT) • Tyrone Shoelaces (CT) • Supernothing (NH) • Total Collision (MA) • The Sidemen (NH) • Fresh Patterns (VT) • Chris Jacques Trio (ME) • DJ Transplante (VT) Returning bands that have truly become a solid part of the Ziontific Family are:

Rhythmic Circus in concert
Sophistafunk (NY) • The Alchemystics (MA) • Bujak Live (MA) • Dub Apocalypse (MA) • Sun-Dried Vibes (SC) • Sensamotion (NJ) • Oogee Wawa (NY) • Danny Pease and The Regulators (MA) • Treehouse! (SC) • Viva La Hop (MA) • Soul Rebel Project (MA) • Rhythmic Circus (CT) • Joey Batts & Them (CT) • Rebel Alliance (MA) • The Change Up (MA) • Kroma Kode (MA) • Soultree (MA) • Stop Tito Collective (NH) • DJ Benny Black (MA) • Heirloom Seeds (VT) • I-ganic Sound System (MA) • Bless The Child (VT) • Roots, Rhythm, & Dub (ME) • Iyah (VT) • Icculus (MA) • DJ Live! (MA) From the YouTube channel of mk devo: https://youtu.be/DrAjtL8Dgyo?t=1m54s There’s never a dull moment with the plethora of amenities Ziontific offers each time the festival is held. This year, they’ve added Flow Performances into the mix. Throughout the weekend, be mesmerized by the talented hoop dance and glowing flow movements of the Flow Faeries.  A Silent Disco, hosted by Bujak Live, will keep the music going until the break of dawn. Each night after the Main Stage ends, night owls can boogie their way on over to the Silent Disco, slap on a pair of headphones and dance the night away without bothering the early risers and children. Plenty of headphones will be available for free. “Zion” is a name used to describe a place of harmony in many cultures around the world throughout history. A play on the word “scientific” acknowledges the need to be smart when trying to create change for the better. This event is built on the belief that a community of people can make a global difference on a local level. In addition to many environmental efforts to participate in over the weekend, Ziontific will be running a food drive to benefit The Kitchen Cupboard in Bennington, VT. Organized by non-profit, Strangers Helping Strangers – your help is needed to reach their lofty goal. This year, the team plans to collect and donate 500 lbs of non-perishables, toiletries, baby and feminine products for the local community. It’s through the devotion of our community members that Ziontific is able to accomplish this unique solstice gathering. They are welcoming strong team members who love doing their part to co-create a magical weekend. Those who wish to Volunteer some time in trade for their ticket should apply at www.ziontificproductions.com/get-involved Visit www.ziontificproductions.com for current Advance Ticket rates and VIP Upgrades. Join the Ziontific Community on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ziontificproductions), Instagram (@ziontific) or Twitter (@ziontific) to stay up-to-date on Festival information.   To submit a review or story for consideration hit us at [email protected] Check out the Live Music News and Review.com Facebook page for updates and announcements.