Flux Capacitor  Scarlet and Grey Cafe – Columbus, Ohio June 8 2016 by Jack Jolieri of Rubix Wheel

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Unite   My band, Rubix Wheel, was playing the side stage both nights at Peace of Mind Festival in 2014, and I got a chance to see Flux and meet them after they played.   When I got back from that festival, I bought their most recent Album, Cycle 9, and have been a fan ever since.  I arrived at the venue early, and asked the band if they wanted to do an interview.  They agreed and the audio can be heard below.  As a band of brothers, I was impressed by their relaxed professionalism and low key demeanor.  Just regular guys who happen to play in one of the hottest jam bands in the Nation.  They play Bonaroo Friday, and they expressed that it is a milestone in their career.  They’ve been a band since 2009, and they are so high energy at live shows people come out of the woodwork to see them and dance.

     The set started out with Electric Eyes, a powerful tune with cool lyrics and good jams.  Next was Lights Out, a crowd favorite and upbeat tune.  I told the guys my car kept playing Unite over and over whenever I put the GPS on Bluetooth, and they agreed to my request to play it.  They even signed my Adidas hat, and I will cherish that forever.  I’ve been to quite a few of these Weird Wednesdays, but this one was different.  After the second band finished and Flux got on stage, people were dancing wildly, girls going crazy, and one guy kept jumping up and down so hard I could feel the concrete below my feet moving each time he lept.  Not everyone was captivated, some folks didn’t feel like paying the cover and others hung outside the venue and sold Tie Dyes or smoked cigarettes.  I bet a lot of people wish they had seen this show.  I had been waiting for a long time for Flux Capacitor to come to Columbus.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the folks there had traveled over three hours to see these guys.  The connective energy that Flux has demonstrates the upside of keeping the same guys together for the long haul.  “We’re going to be doing this forever, and the road is endless,” Jason told me.  When I asked Pete why he had been playing the Fender Starcaster(Blonde) for so long, he told me a story of how his uncle gave him a hollowbody guitar when he was young and the Starcaster just “felt right.”
     Now I know why Flux Capacitor has so many fans.  They are humble, mellow guys who are down to earth to the core.  I feel blessed to have interviewed them and taped their show.  I hope you get a chance to see Flux at a venue near you.  This band is on the up and up, and the possibilities are endless.
Full show Audio(1)
Set List:
Electric Eyes

Lights Out
Lo Mein
Happy’s Vaporizer
Long Time
Big Bad
Light at the End of the Tunnel
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