Eddie’s Attic

Decatur, GA

Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta GA entered 2013 with a stellar collection of  local, regional and national singer/songwriter artists.   

Often featuring musicians from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and attracting some of the best classical players in the region, the Attic is expanding its newly introduced Classical Series with several dates already booked.  These sessions are not to be missed, often finding these artists melding classic fare with more modern rock standards. And in the relaxed and intimate setting of the Attic… it is definitely an experience you do not want to miss.  Upcoming Shows include Charlie Mars, Field Report, Mindy Smith, Aaron Carter, Garrison Starr and More!

In order to learn more about this musical landmark in Hot’lanta, we sought out the folks responsible for their diverse calendar.  Andrew Hingley is the buyer at the venue and is the one 

most responsible currently for the makeup of the calendar.  He was kind enough to take time with us to tell us more about the history of the venue and what motivates them to create the musical calendar that they do from month to month.


Select single show tickets are on sale now and are available online at www.eddiesattic.com.  Additionally, the nearly 20-year tradition of hosting Atlanta’ premiere Songwriter’s Open-Mic nights will continue. Featuring local, regional and national acts who performing for a chance to win a cash prize and a spot on Eddie’s Attic Bi-Annual Open Mic Shootout.

Eddie’s Attic is located at 515 N. Mc Donough Street in Decatur, GA.

We wanted to learn more about the history and programming of Eddie’s Attic, so we went straight to the source.  Andrew Hingley is the talent buyer, and he was kind enough to spend some time telling us more about the venue and how they shape the calendar.  Below the interview you will find a listing of their current show dates and more information about how to stay connected with Eddie’s Attic.

Live Music News and Review: Tell us a bit about the history of Eddie’s Attic.

Andrew Hingley: The Attic was originally founded by Eddie Owen in 1992, as a place to showcase emerging singer/songwriter talent from across the country. Over the years it has changed hands only a few times, before Dave Mattingly & Georgia Music Hall of Famer Alex Cooley took it over in 2012.  Throughout the years the venue has been fueled by a passion for music, showcasing some amazing talent. Well known artist such as John Mayer, Justin Bieber, Sugarland, The Civil Wars, Indigo Girls, The Black Crowes have all graced our stage- some even being local to Atlanta and having gotten their start at the Attic.


Live Music News and Review: What makes Atlanta unique for musicians and fans?

Atlanta has an eclectic mix of genres, which you can’t find in every metropolitan area. And while we are mostly know as the Hip-Hop Capital of the World Atlanta has some much more to offer. From moving country, EDM, to the singer/songwriters we feature at the Attic- Atlanta is ripe with talent.

Live Music News and Review: How has Eddie’s Attic tried to bring the spirit of the city into the programming and the club?

Eddie’s keeps very strong bonds with our community. We work with artists from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, providing a non-tradional setting to promote classical music; we celebrate Black History with home grown artists; we have a young artist showcase to empower our youth, and we have maintained one of the best open mic nights in the nation for 20 years.

Live Music News and Review: What are some of your favorite musical memories that have happened at Eddies?

I myself love the extemporaneous things that happen at the Attic. A perfect example is hip-hop artist T-Pain jumping onstage for an impromptu jam session. People were literally in shock. I remember posting pictures and having my friends all ask “how in the world did this happen?”

Live Music News and Review: How is the modern world of social networking and technology being brought in to your marketing efforts for shows?

We have a strong presence in social media and incorporate it into all of our promotions. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram… we’re on them all. We also encourage artists and fans alike to share their experiences online in an effort to build a community around the shows at the Attic.

Live Music News and Review: What are some of the challenges here in the new millennium in terms of promoting club shows?

The sheer talent that comes through the attic is staggering, and everyone from John Mayer to Justin Bieber have graced our stage, before they were famous. That being said, its difficult to reach out to all of the people all of the time. We’ve been fortunate to be able to rely on the incredible name that the Attic has earned, to help spread the word. How do you convince someone to come see something for the first time? It is something we often struggle with at Eddie’s, but do it better than most.


Live Music News and Review: What are some of the upcoming shows you are particularly excited for?

Trixie Whitley is an absolute star in the making and that should be a great one. There are plenty of artists of significant stature such as; Marcus Foster, Lloyd Cole and Howie Day that always put on a good show and are exciting to see again and again.


Live Music News and Review: If you had the ability to book anyone ever into Eddie’s, what would your dream show be?

You’re going to laugh at me, but growing up in England I was a massive Backstreet Boys fan. I’d love to see them do an all acoustic show. Now, if we aren’t talking about the greatest boy band in history, then it would have to be THE BOSS: Bruce Springsteen. The Gaslight Anthem is another one I would love to have come do an acoustic set…  in my opinion Brian Fallon is one of the best writers around.

Live Music News and Review: What about your personal history and work history has brought you to this job?

I was a professional footballer in England, and my obsession with music came early in my life. In between matches, traveling on the coach, I would just get lost listening to my Walkman. The elation found after victory was best expressed in a song, and the only relief after defeat is the same. Professionally though, once I moved to Atlanta I crossed paths with Alex Cooley.  He is an icon in the industry and a lot of what you see with festivals and shows across the country began with the ideas he formed here. He is really the reason I have been blessed with this opportunity. 

Live Music News and Review: In your opinion, what are some of the things that you have seen bands do that really made their shows succeed?

At Eddie’s Attic the music fan is very spoiled. The artists are so engaging, both on and off the stage. This is something that is lost in the larger rooms. Occasionally, you’ll see someone like Mumford and Sons try to silence a large room, and the effects are amazing. The good news is it can be done, it is just a lot easier to do it in a room like the Attic has.

Live Music News and Review: What are some of the things that bands should definitely avoid doing to make their shows more successful?

Try not to overplay the market and try to not always play the same shows and the same venues. Brandi Carlile recently stopped by the Attic and played a stripped down set, in which she asked the audience to decide the set list. That show will never happen again and anyone that was a part of it has that to keep forever.

Live Music News and Review: What is different about the Eddies that makes it special compared to other venues?

We are a listening room in Atlanta. Our Artists are here to touch your hearts and minds. Eddie’s Attic puts an emphasis on providing a quiet and intimate environment for both artist and fan. We also have a great team here at the Attic. From my bar manager Nicki to our door and security- everyone’s focus here is to make sure the artist and customers have a great unique experience. 

-Finally, what is the musical mission of Eddie’s Attic?

That’s easy… Live Music Matters. It is our motto.

For more information about Eddie’s Attic visit www.eddiesattic.com. Stay connected on Twitter at @eddiesattic and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/EddiesAttic. 

We want to thank Andrew Hingley, despite his love for boy bands, for taking the time to talk to us about this historic venue.  Check out the schedule of upcoming events below and next time you are in the Atlanta area, be sure to make Eddie’s a stop on your journey.