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MGM Music Hall at Fenway, Boston MA

January 20, 2023

Story and photos by Todd Maguire

Let the record show that GSBG brings out the bad weather in Boston. Last year they had a pair of shows scheduled in Boston but only managed one before Boston got snowed in before night 2. Last night they were back to finish the job. The dry and spacious confines of MGM Hall made us forget the weather and let fans spread out and twirl. “Cold Rain and Snow” cover anyone?

Local outfit Neighbor warmed the crowd up with some fine tunes to get us in the mood. Don’t compare them to Phish, but I digress… They had a respectable fan base camped out for their set. At the end of their set, Anders and Dave from GSBS joined them for their finale. Nice hybridization and a portent. Keep an eye on these guys as they continue to tour locally and around the globe. Iceland, anyone?

Check your percussion instruments at the door. If strings are your thing, you’re in the right place. Generations removed from its roots in Appalachia, GSBG brings bluegrass music to another level. Emotion and heart flow through the set like a winding river; tranquil at times; other times whitewater.

Video c/o the YouTube channel of Jamey Klein

“Haven’t left the house in three days

And it’s getting harder to explain

How I’ve been

And what I’m up to”

We can all relate to those lyrics from their song “Don’t Lie”, which fell squarely in the middle of their tremendous set. 

“Stringing” together old feels with modern lyrics, GSBG owns their distinctive style. Add “shredding on the mandolin” as things I never thought I’d see, never mind type.

As a casual but growing fan of the band, I admit I didn’t know much from their setlist. Frankly, I would have put $ down that they would drop a CSN cover on us, as the pre-set music (house music?) reminded us of the recent passing of David Crosby. The foundation of strings and harmony laid down so many years ago by CSN are in good hands with GSBG.

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