“Begin Again” by singer/songwriter Mary Scholz is noteworthy for many reasons. One is the lovely, expansive and impressive production by Jonathan Wilson (Angel Olsen and Father John Misty) marked by shimmering, polished and truly sophisticated folk and Americana arrangements. Another is the depth, power and strength Scholz brings to the autographical material probing and examining masterly the human experience. The evocative album tackles and explores opposing universal themes such as hope and hopeless, practicing self love, lust and sexual desire leading to infatuation and religious fervor and spirituality.

Mary Scholz musical style harkens back to 70s artists like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell. Mary Scholz vocals are quite pretty: creamy, smooth and lush. The Philadelphia, PA born singer/songwriter, who now resides in Los Angeles, CA, delivers many memorable moments on the 10-track “Born Again” including “Streetlights,” “Talk To Me,” “Tired/Sad,” “Ordinary Morning” and more. Known as a live circuit favorite, Scholz has to date released several studio albums and various singles. 

About Mary
When the lights come up, and Mary Scholz steps onto the stage, a warmth comes over you that has nothing to do with drink. Barefoot, with dark curls cascading, she is at once whimsical and grounded. Just one woman with an acoustic guitar, but fills the room from the moment the music leaves her lips. The sound seeps into you like honey. You feel seen. You feel human. You feel loved.

For years, Mary’s stunning voice and evocative songwriting have made her a live circuit favorite. The Philadelphia native has toured nationally for over a decade and made several excursions to Europe. Every time Scholz takes the stage, she forges a personal connection with her audience. As the Music Junkie Press put it, “To see Mary Scholz live in concert is to fall in love. It is not just the flashing dark eyes or the crown of black ringlets or the confident, welcoming body language at the microphone. It is the voice and the lyrics — the music that flows from the stage…you know this woman and her music and you want to spend the rest of your life listening to her.”

Growing up, Mary had a deep reverence for music. She was always drawn to the spiritual resonance of dusty church organs and captivated by the lyricism of seventies sweethearts like Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. She grew up dancing, playing both piano and flute, and came to the guitar later, as a teenager. She went on to earn a BFA from the University of the Arts. But just as she would sing, years later, that she “knew about California,” she always knew her voice would be her primary instrument. On the road, she would also deepen her relationship to the guitar and begin a more nuanced level of exploration.

Today, Mary is based in Los Angeles, where her unique brand of gritty folk-charm has helped her make her mark. “I’ve been referred to as a ‘folk explorer with spacey roots and wings.’ I’m a fan of that one,” Mary says. Though she’s quick to follow that her musical genre is always evolving alongside her creative process. “I think it’s it’s important that artists can be exactly who they are, not who they think they should be, and create from that space.” That throughline of authenticity has set Mary’s music apart from the beginning.

Tour Dates
The Jacaranda Veranda Series – SOLD OUT @ 7:00pm
Costa Mesa, CA, United States

East Coast Record Release and Birthday-Eve Show @ 8:00pm
Philadelphia, PA, United States

Mary Scholz – Record Release Tour & Birthday Show – Rockwood Music Hall @ 9:00pm
New York, NY, United States

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