NEW VIDEO FOR THE SONG “AFRICA” is also released

Musical collective Elephant Heart will release their debut album today via their independent imprint, Chumba Music/BMG. Stream or purchase here: https://elephantheart.

Elephant Heart is the creation of married couple, Jason and Victoria Evigan. The two express their music and its message through various collaborations. “Elephant Heart evolved after goofing off in our home studio on our 5-year wedding anniversary. We never would have guessed after being together almost 12-years with different careers, that we would end up making music together. In hindsight, it made sense because music has always been the passionate heartbeat of our relationship. It was amazing to find Victoria had a dormant voice waiting to be unleashed. Making this music as husband and wife has been healing for us as a couple and for us as individuals. There’s nothing more special than to make music with the love of your life.” – said Jason

The two turn a mixture of art forms and life experiences into unique musical creations as they combine the studio prowess of Jason, an award-winning singer/songwriter, and producer who worked with Madonna, RÜFÜS DU SOL, ZHU and Ellie Goulding, and vocalist, songwriter, and lyricist Victoria, who stuns with her intimate emotions and wild heart. Jason explains, “We’ve realized, like our Gemini personalities, there are a few different sides to our sound. One-minute Victoria is rapping and the next minute, she’s belting soulful melodies. I feel like we’re making warrior music—music for the spirit. The album is a journey. It’s called Seasons because it represents our relationship and the seasons we have been through.

See the latest video for the song “Africa”

When asked about the song’s meaning, Jason explains, “Africa is a warrior cry from the spirit, reminding ourselves of our true nature in times we feel like we’ve lost direction of our path and purpose. In life, it is an unavoidable fact that we will all face demons, trauma, and dark forces that will try and dim our light. The song is a mantra, reminding us we have the ability to be victorious over these demons, and generational curses — we just need to be in touch with the light we carry and call on it.”

Showcasing their unique and genre-inclusive approach. Seasons includes six new unreleased songs, including “Africa” and the recently released “Love is the Weapon,” their 2019 song releases, “The Thunder,” “The Digital,” and “Lenguas”. As well as 2018 song releases, “HIYA” and “WARFARE.” “We recorded sounds from all around the world and infused it into our music. We’re so deeply touched by other cultures and love connecting on our travels through music. Our album is a melting pot of sounds and messages” says Jason.

At its core, Elephant Heart’s desire is to drive social change and positivity in the world, leveraging the power of their creative outputs to spread a message of empowerment through love and social impact projects. The two also founded Picture This, a non-profit created to cultivate unique friendships between children in America with those across the globe through hand-written letters and artistic expression.

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See them perform at Lollapalooza this summer.

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