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Flux Capacitor The Wheelhouse at Hawks & Reed, Greenfield, MA March 9, 2018 Story by Stephanie Janicedottir
Title Photo by Sue Paquet Photography,
Live photos by Vinny Natale

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What makes this band from Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, unique is that Peter Specht on guitar and lead vocals, Jason Specht on drums, and Michael Specht on keyboards and bass-  they themselves are brothers.  The Spechts, a “boy band” that’s probably been making music together for much longer than their almost 11 years together as Flux Capacitor is also unique among bands as they are most often associated with the “jamtronic” moniker. 

However, while Flux Capacitor exists solidly in the jamband genre, where they take you in that realm is anybody’s guess. I haven’t seen a show in the Wheelhouse at Hawks & Reed for at least a year or more, but it is a nice intimate space in the basement of the four-story performing arts/music space on the corner of the town green in Greenfield, MA.  Three songs in, Flux Capacitor played one of their signature tribute songs, Africa by Toto. I’ve seen them play this on many occasions and it is always a crowd favorite.

Later in the first set they played a reggae version of Time of the Season by the Zombies.  They also played a few of my favorite Flux Capacitor songs, most notably Monolith and Unite.


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There are many reasons why I love Flux Capacitor’s music.  I fawn over these guys, so much so that my daughter would say that I “fangirl” over them.  First and foremost, their music and lyrics have such a positive vibe and energy. It may rock hard and get a little edgy, but it’s no different from songs by YES where the music can go deep on an emotional and spiritual level, but always circles back to a place of zen and enlightenment.  

Second, their jams are rigorous but creative and aren’t sloppy or relentless. The music has such a high level of complexity and skill that the jam takes you on a journey to the guitar solo, the guitar solo isn’t the jam. It reminds me of symphonic like transitions in other genres of music like jazz, classical, or prog rock. Flux Capacitor also has this knack of the guitar keeping the pace of the song while it’s the drums and the keyboards that speed up during the jam.

Third, the energy between the brothers is so in tune,  that it is an absolute delight to watch them communicate through non-verbal cues as songs progress and as they keep pace with each other. Flux Capacitor have also got to be the nicest and most gracious performers I know and I enjoy seeing them whenever they play in my neck of the woods.  If you are looking for a band that will take you on a musical journey, have you shimmying on the dance floor all night long, and leave you with a smile on your face, then this is the band for you.


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