Turtle Soup 11 05 2011 the Donegal Saloon Check out the review of the recent Turtle Soup 4/20 show here: https://livemusicnewsandreview.com/Turtle_Soup https://youtube.com/watch?v=45nsMvE0ZWY Jeff “Mudd” Mahajan, Ben Feld, Mike McDermott, Andy Meyer, Mark Nettleingham “Turtle Soup is goood… Turtle Soup is delicious” – John Popper of Blues Traveler Turtle Soup is an original, high-energy mix of rock, funk and trance with Latin and world music accents. Based in New Jersey, their unique sound and explosive musical abilities have resonated with audiences and dance floors in the jam/festival scene. Turtle Soup has built their following the old school way, with great live performances and positive vibes. Critics also approve with glowing reviews and awards. Turtle Soup was named New Groove of the Month at jambands.com, and they’ve won Top Jam Band and Top Groove Band at the Asbury Music Awards for several years in a row. Turtle Soup released their self-titled CD at the end of 2008. It is now available at most major retailers (itunes, amazon, etc)