Words by Luis Enrique Lopez Photos by ARood Photography.

On Thursday, April 7th, 2023, a small, private gathering took place at the Musichead Gallery on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. This intimate gathering was called to celebrate the release of musician Dwight Twilley’s album, “The Tulsa Years Volume 1.”

Author Jon Scott was also on hand for the festivities, with copies of his book, “Tom and Petty Me,” a tome that chronicles his 40-year friendship with Tom Petty.

Both Twilley and Scott were in good spirits, both appreciative that they were surrounded by good friends in the gallery.

Twilley’s early career was defined by his partnership with Phil Seymour. The two released music that was pop infused with a Beatlesesque sound coupled with elements of rockabilly. Starting in 1979 and onward throughout the years Twilley has been a solo artist releasing material on a host of labels.

In 2016 Dwight’s Label Big Oak Records released. “The Best of Twilley The Tulsa Years.” (1999-2016) A 40 side double CD with full color booklet. His Critically acclaimed song “Looking for the Magic” has recently been featured in both Film & Television shows including: “Diary of a Teenage Girl,” Backcountry,” “House of Cards” & “Mindhunter.”

John Scott began a lifelong career in rock and roll as a DJ and eventually worked in promotions for a variety of record labels in the height of the 1970s rock and roll scene. He spent a lifetime working with Tom Petty and also has a long standing professional relationship with John Mellencamp. His book chronicles the career of Tom Petty and of the author himself.

This appears to have been a rare appearance by Dwight Twilley. No public shows have been listed on his website since 2018.

More photos from this night are available here, and were shot by Stevo Rood.

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