Dangermuffin at Stage One-July 28th, 2017

Official press photo from Dangermuffin.com
Official press photo from Dangermuffin.com

Stage One, Fairfield CT 
July 28, 2017

by Scott Speidel

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If you like seeing bands that truly enjoy playing with each other then Dangermuffin is for you. You get the feeling that you will get the same show whether they are playing a festival in front of a crowd of 10,000 or a small venue with 10 people. The energy on that stage was impressive. Tonight’s show was in the 225 seat Stage One venue in the heart of beautiful Fairfield, Connecticut. It’s a smaller venue with a very large feel- mostly because of the way the seating is set up and the great acoustics of the room and sound system gives you the perfect level without blowing your ears out.

Dangermuffin originally from Folly Beach, South Carolina is a driving force to the incredible music scene in Charleston, SC.

Members: Dan Lotti – guitar/vocals
Mike Sivilli – guitar/backing vocals

Steve Sandifer – formerly drums, now stand up bass and vocals/percussion

Adam Williams – drums.

These fine musicians played two long and solid sets. The perfect mix of songs from their first release “Beermuda” to their latest release Heritage and a small mix of covers, including an acoustic version of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita.” Played flawlessly!

With a very original sound, a combination of alt-Americana, island grooves, folk, jam, Appalachian picking, and laid-back beach stylings, you never get close to hearing two songs that sound remotely alike. It’s a very refreshing way to view and listen to music. The diversity of their music keeps you interested and entertained the entire time.

After a solid version of “Homestead” off their 2012 release Olly Oxen Free and over two hours of playing, they broke into an almost twelve-minute version “Jump in the Line”>”Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)”>”Iko Iko”>”Jump in the Line.” The crowd went wild. Coming off of such a high note most bands would have called it a night, but not these guys. They took it into another direction. The lights dimmed. The power went off. Using only the sound of their natural instruments and no amplification they played the Bob Dylan/The Band hit “I Shall Be Released” followed by their song “The Rising Souls.” This whole concert was a mind-blowing experience. Get in now while you can because the ability to see them in such a venue will disappear very soon.

These guys appreciate the music they play and for the crowds they play them for. They showed that appreciation by interacting with the audience after the show was over. A group of hard working, humble musicians from South Carolina. It was indeed a pleasure to get to spend a night with them listen to what they worked so hard to produce. It was a five star experience.

Set I
01 Intro
02 Walk Into The Wind
03 Kindred Sun
04 Midnight Moonlight
05 Ode To My Heritage
06 Waves
07 Ancient Family
08 Moonscapes
09 Cicada
10 Lady Of Fire

set II
11 Intro
12 Ol’ Fidel >
13 War
14 Banjo Love
15 Big Suit
16 Cradle Of The Beach
17 Ancient Golden Star
18 La Isla Bonita
19 Fuego
20 Slumber
21 Homestead
22 Jump In The Line > Day-O > Iko Iko > Jump In The Line
23 I Shall Be Released*
24 The Rising Souls*


To submit a review or story for consideration hit us at lmnandr@gmail.com

Check out the Live Music News and Review.com Facebook page for updates and announcements.