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First Annual Buffalo Brewers Festival

First Annual Buffalo Brewers Festival

Buffalo, NY

July 19th, 2014


The first annual Buffalo Brewers Festival is coming to Canalside on the downtown Buffalo waterfront, July 19th, 2014. The Buffalo Brewers Festival is a premiere craft beer festival featuring over 30 New York State breweries, roots and rock music, local food vendors and brands and celebrating the spirit of Buffalo. The festival also actively supports a message of sustainability and supporting local brewers, local farmers, local chefs, local music, and local business.

Fest Previews

Festival Previews

Harry Brown’s Farm

Harry Brown’s Farm

2014 Line-Up Announced

Starks Maine

March 11, 2014


For over 20 years Harry Brown’s Farm has been hosting events in support of cannabis legalization. Our festival headliners for the 2014 season have been announced! Harry Brown’s Farm, also called "The Hill,” is operated by Harry Brown and his family. These multigenerational organic farming and cannabis liberation leaders in Maine and New England want to free the weed and pass on a love for both music and land stewardship.