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the Henhouse Prowlers at Levi’s Fest in 2009 The Henhouse Prowlers won their Chicago Music Award for Best Country and Western act on January 24 2010, a first...

String Cheese Incident, Big Ball Jam, Rothbury 2010 Check out the full article on the hiatus of Rothbury for 2010.

Particle with special guests DJ Logic and Joe Satriani Be sure to read the article on the postponement of the premier of DJ Logic / Steve Molitz / Freekbass...

Chuck’s in Burbank, IL


Burbank, IL


We gig all over Chicago and recently had a chance to get in on the ground floor of a new venue in the South suburbs called the Voodoo Lounge. It is part of a fabulous restaurant campus that includes Chuck’s Southern Comforts Café,serving top notch Mexican food, and the Voodoo Lounge, which as the name implies is the Cajun way station and BBQ depot. This is where the bands play and is in the French Quarter tradition: a painted concrete floor and low tile ceiling.

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey play DreThoven The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey performing the song "Drethoven" - a mix of Dr. Dre and Beethoven - at the...

Reggie’s in Chicago, IL


Chicago, IL


For the venue Spotlight of the month we are going to wander our way to the Windy City, to the Southside where our President is from, close to the Lake and Navy Pier and all the other wild goings on in Chicago, and check out a club that is somewhat new in the Chicago-land scene, Reggie’s. The interesting thing about this club, is that it is not just a club, it’s not just two clubs, and it is not just two clubs and a record store. It really is a lifestyle.