World-famous songs like Thriller, Beat It or Man in the Mirror are still characteristic for the life and work of Michael Jackson. Only a few musicians have offered a similar strength and individuality in their songs, which made Michael Jackson an idol for many of his fans. In order to show once again the beautiful parts of his life some 13 years after his death, creates a unique and digital monument – with a lot of respect and dedication.

At this point, Myidol offers the most comprehensive documentation on Michael Jackson to date and presents it in the form of an interesting story. This is based on several parts, which means that you can look forward to two unique and unreleased videos a month. Thus, you will learn more about Michael Jackson as a person, as an artist, as a painter, as a poet and as an entrepreneur.

Unforgettable content from the greatest artist of our time

It was clear early on that Michael Jackson would be more than just a simple act in his genres. Hardly any musician has managed to stand independently with five number one placements in the charts and round off his musical life’s work in a comparable way. However, Michael Jackson will always be remembered not only as a musician, but above all as an artist and entertainer. Dance moves like the legendary Moonwalk and many unique personalities complete this picture ideally. therefore makes it possible to look back after many years at the highs and lows of an inspiring and at the same time controversial artist. From his childhood to the heights of his career – and of course about the fall. Never, there has been a comparably intense and multifaceted documentary on the life and work of Michael Jackson as in the new Myidol app.

Unpublished content from Michael Jackson with

A special highlight of the digital monument are unpublished artworks and pictures painted by Michael Jackson himself. The documentation refers not only to the public media part of his work, but also to very private details and sequences. In this way, art played a decisive role in Michael Jackson’s life – as motivation and support. Therefore, focuses on creating a real monument – with respect and with diversity.

In addition to the images and artworks, a diverse collection of various videos awaits you as part of the documentary over the course of two years. These portray the many stages of Michael Jackson’s eventful life in detail and reveal more about the person behind the scenes and the big stage. This gives fans the opportunity to experience the artist in his entirety.

How is creating a new documentary

It takes a strong team to create a digital monument in an entire new format. The people behind convince with far-reaching know-how and practical expertise from media giants like Marvel. Musicologists from Austria and the USA also complement the Myidol team and ensure the highest quality. At the same time, the entire production works with high-quality 3D technology and really inspires every fan.

Subscribers then receive two new videos a month via the Myidol app, which are between eight and twelve minutes long. With unreleased content and many interesting insights into Michael Jackson’s life, excitement and variety are guaranteed. Over the course of several seasons, a gripping story is created that no Michael Jackson fan should miss.

Exciting videos, creative art and modern fan artwork

In addition to the unforgettable insights into Michael Jackson’s life, the bond between the artist and his fans also plays a significant role. Therefore, the documentary with all its content lives on creative fan artwork that every fan can send in for the digital monument. Over the many years, numerous artworks and pictures have been created that deal with Michael Jackson in a very personal way. With we now offer you the platform to share your own fan artwork.

Nothing is more important for the illustration of such an eventful life than the view of the fans who made such a great story possible in the first place. That’s why the Myidol team manually reviews every piece of artwork sent in and selects the best results for documentation. This way, your artwork will stand right next to the unpublished paintings of Michael Jackson.

Get inspired yourself – with!

Michael Jackson was without doubts one of the most affecting, coolest and craziest artists of his and our time. So, it’s even more wonderful to dive into the many parts of his life once again with and discover Michael Jackson as a living peace of art all over again. For $20 a year, you get full access to the Myidol app with all videos and content. All profits from the project go to the – a foundation dedicated to educating and inspiring children. This is how Myidol makes many dreams come true.

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