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    Snowball ii


    Performing live on May 04 2019 at the Resident in Los Angeles, CA

    When a band shows more promise through their video or song clips rather than at their live show, they may be in trouble. Such was the case with the indie rock/shoegazer band, Snowball  ii. This act has a lot of confidence and droning instrumental fury, but not much else.

    The Los Angeles-based group featured singer/songwriter/guitarist Jackson Wargo and the rotating musicians who support his project. The vocals were inaudible and the songs didn’t have much form or substance to them when played at The Resident DTLA. It’s ok to be in the shoegazer genre, and not emote much personality, when you have good material or some hooks to make them memorable and interesting, but when you don’t, what else is left but noisy chaotic feedback?

    Looking down at the ground all the time with barely any direct eye contact toward the audience somehow loses that requisite emotional connection. Yet it seemed Snowball ii have a fanbase that showed up to see them play and likes them. To his credit, Jackson Wargo asked for a beer and mentioned how much he loved the MC/comedian Neil Hamburger and graciously thanked the other acts on the bill for playing that night.

    Speaking of Hamburger, he joined Snowball ii for a rousing, weird creepy cover of The Beatles “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” and sang. He has a horrid voice. Hamburger is a truly obnoxious person and he’s sounds a lot like Gilbert Gottfried. Ironically, this cover was the best song of the night if for no other reason than it was a Beatles song, and it showed that yes, and what a surprise, Snowball ii can really play well and melodically.

    This very disappointing and uneven show was an EP release for Super 10 Eaton, now available online streaming sources, vinyl and CD to come.  Snowball ii showed a very small glimmer of what they can do when they put their mind to it: play like the good musicians they are. Why hide that gift? Word to the wise: write better songs.


    1. Lost in Juarez
    2. Antonio Banderas
    3. Sear ‘Em!
    4. Lived In
    5. Spring Banks Eternal
    6. CR-VUC
    7. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

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