2018 Boston Boat Cruise Max Creek

Photo by Dave Hoffenberg

Max Creek

Boston Harbor Boat Cruise

July 15 2018


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Taped by Andy Burwood:

It has become an annual pilgrimage, a day to circle on your calendar before summer to know that you are going to be happy, hear great tunes, and be among your family of Creek freaks.  The Sounds of the Sea boat cruise in Boston harbor.

The day was beautiful and bright, a little hot until you hit the water.  We got there early and helped with set up and load in, with almost as much time spent greeting friends and family, hugs all around.  In particularly strong attendance were those who attended the Sounds of the Sea Caribbean boat cruise last spring- many sporting their shirts from that adventurous week at sea.

Photo by Dave Hoffenberg

The band played two sets and it was a great show.  The smiles were everywhere, and it seemed that this year people were a bit more prepared with sun block, a little less over indulgence, and a greater attendance.  The deck was not full by any stretch but there was a crowd of several hundred soaking in the rays and the sounds.

I don’t have to spend a bunch of time waxing here on the history and importance of Max Creek- anyone who has been on this site for more than a minute knows it.  What about this particular Max Creek show?  There were some songs that I definitely considered less frequent in the set list.

As set one was coming to a close, Bill Carbone’s version of Lovin You (Is Sweeter than Ever) was a bit of a surprise as it is not typically a closing song.  I talked with Bill later and he said that Scott Murawski (guitar) suggested it and when he was questioned about the closing song quality of it responded with some variation of  “Well, we’ll just have to tear it up then..”  And tear it up he did.

The guitar solo was simply stunning.  Gymnastic, geometric, and downright gorgeous.  I entered set break wondering to myself if that may have been the single best guitar solo I had ever heard.  Now that’s one of those things, what was your best meal ever?  your best kiss?  best joke?  You may have a different answer each day- but if you’re wondering to yourself..  then what you have just witnessed is something that is memorable for sure..  I have seen probably one hundred plus Max Creek shows and literally thousands of shows in general and that guitar solo was, smoking.

Video by Gerry D

The break did not cool the smoke show either as set two opened with Murawski’s Something is Forming with another intensely combustible guitar solo.  Everyone on this day was great, but whatever Murawski had for breakfast he should remember and do it again!

Drummer John ‘Scooch’ came on to join the band for the Who’s Eminence Front which was great, and Carbone stuck around to do some percussion alongside Jay Stanley.  Seldom heard July Woman was dedicated by John Rider to his wife Sally who was on board and acted as host and promoter for the event.Photo by Dave Hoffenberg

Keys man Mark Mercier had his own time in the sun for sure with not often heard Speed of the Sound of Loneliness originally by John Prine which was beautifully executed.  Conspicuous in its absence on this set list was Jay Stanley’s Into the Ocean but perhaps that was to avoid the cliche!

Another great day on the water, and more proof of the wondrous world of Max Creek and everyone who loves them.

Video from Gerry D!


Set I

Missing Waiting for You

01 Borrowing Time

02 Mystery Train

03 Darlin’

04 Field –>

05 Shaky Ground

Photo by Dave Hoffenberg

06 Banter

07 Loving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever)

Set II

08 Tuning

09 Something is Forming

10 Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

Photo by Dave Hoffenberg

11 July You’re a Woman

12 Banter

13 Eminence Front *

14 Cecilia # –>

15 You’re Only One  –>

16 Windows @

* w/Scootch on drums, Bill/Jay on percussion

# cootch on addl percussion

@ new Windows storytime


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