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Doug Hewitt Group

Doug Hewitt Group

August 13, 2014

Amherst Chinese, Amherst, MA

New Monthly Jazz Jam "Inaugural Event”


First thought, as Doug Hewitt sings "You'd Be So Nice:" He sounds much more like an actual jazz singer than I expected (I'll have to get my hands on Zen Cats someday). Listening to his two albums, the new (March 2013) "Roots in the Sky," and the 2006 "Picasso Tomato," one likely thinks that this is a jazzy pop singer, but listening live, it soon becomes apparent that his jazz roots go deeper than just leanings.

Afrobeat Legend Tony Allen & Chicago Afrobeat Project

Tony Allen to join Chicago Afrobeat Project

Eight City tour announced

Plans for an album in the near future emerge.


The most significant living figure in the original movement of Afrobeat, Tony Allen, will be joining America's prolific Afrobeat caravan Chicago Afrobeat Project for a series of shows. The original drummer for Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti has been called the greatest living drummer, and his contributions to this tour will be an appetizer for the upcoming album to be released in 2015.

FAT at the Sunderland O’s


August 23, 2014

The Sunderland O’s, Sunderland, MA


Original members Peter Newland, Jim Kaminski, Guy DeVito, and William Benjamin, with guitarist Mark Pappas. Chet Pasek is here to play doubled drums, but they couldn't fit 'em on the stage- so he'll take over for Benji in the second set. "Black Sunday," the fourth song they've done from their classic 1970 album and one of my big faves, has lost nothing over the years in terms of cool, clear, jazz-inflected leads and fills.

Green Love Festival Harry Brown’s Farm Starks ME August 15 – 17...

Green Love Festival

August 15-17 2014

Harry Brown's Farm Maine


Jimm O'D found much more than he bargained for at the Green Love festival. While he expected great sets from Big Ol Dirty Bucket and many other fine bands, and perhaps a quality burrito or two, he found something that he didn't expect. Was it, perhaps, a bit of himself?

Shoe Fest

Shoe Fest

August 29-31, 2014

Manteno, IL


3 day music and camping festival Shoe Fest will be held at Camp Shaw-Waw-Nas-See in Manteno, IL on August 29-31. With an emphasis on roots music, such as folk, folk rock, bluegrass, and jamband, the festival began in 2011 and has grown to host a wide range of bands each year.

Wimbash Music Festival

Wimbash Music Festival

September 13, 2014

Sully’s Pub and Tiki Bar

Hartford, Ct


The Wimbash Music Festival returns to Hartford for it's 11th year on September 13th. Hosted by the legendary Living Colour and Sugar Hill House Band bassist, Doug Wimbish, and Diane Nilsson, and presented by Nova Sound Studio, this all-ages show will feature 20 musical artists at Sully's Pub and Tiki Bar from 2 pm Saturday afternoon until 2 am Sunday morning.

Wildcat O’Halloran Band Deja Brew Wendell MA

Wildcat O’Halloran Band

June 28 2014 By Karen Traub

Deja Brew Wendell MA


Karen Traub fell in love with the Wildcat O'Halloran Band, and was beside herself back in June when she caught a full on day of the man, his band, and all of his friends.

The Wood Brothers Announce Tour Dates

The Wood Brothers

New Tour Dates


The Wood Brothers are back on the road September through October. The recently announced three week run will focus heavily on shows in the Southeast and Midwest in a number of cities yet to be visited since the release of their critically acclaimed Buddy Miller-produced album, The Muse

Dillon N Ashe The Middle East Upstairs Cambridge MA August 12...

Dillon 'N' Ashe

August 12 2014

Middle East Cambridge MA


Jimm O'D pays a visit to the mecca of live music in Cambridge MA to see a new band that is delivering the goods.

Jeff Gonzales Live at The Lion’s Den 07/16/2014

Jeff Gonzales Live at The Lion’s Den


The Red Lion Inn, Main Street, Stockbridge, MA


John M. Duval, an English teacher by day devoted to educating New England's youth, by night becomes an avid music lover. He ventured down to the historic Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge and caught up with a local solo artist who is doing a little roaring of his own, Jeff Gonzales.